How The Tony Awards Almost Screwed Neil Patrick Harris Out of an Emmy

Remember Neil Patrick Harris‘ ratings-saving 2009 Tony Awards hosting gig? Evidently the Tonys didn’t, as they apparently forgot to submit his name for Emmy consideration. But all that’s been taken care of now, with last minute paperwork leading to Harris’ Emmy nomination.

Awards-show hosts used to compete in a different category, but are now honored alongside the show’s producers when a program wins or is nominated for an Emmy. But Chris Beachum, the moderator of the Gold Derby forums at the Envelope, noticed that Harris was left off the list of nominees for the Tonys; when Gold Derby’s Tom O’Neil brought it to the attention of the Emmy organizers, they said that Harris’ name was not submitted for consideration by the Tonys. O’Neil says he “bugged” reps for the Tonys and for Harris for comment, and that his nudging “apparently trigged some action behind the scenes.”

Not that Harris was hurting for recognition: He’s was up for two Emmys already.