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How These 2 Goys Secured Their High School Prom Date

This is Chase and Jordan. Jordan’s mom Leesa Nixon, who tweets under “FagHagMom,” which is a little much but OK, loves her gay son, OBVIOUSLY. And she wasn’t about to let him miss a chance to be Chase’s date to prom at Starmount High School in Booneville, North Carolina, when administrators refused to let two boys attend prom together. So she rang up the principal, mentioned a little organization called the ACLU, and the whole situation was fixed quite expeditiously. [Jack Mackenroth]

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  • Cam

    The South is big on trying to use shame and fear to keep away “Trouble”. They think they could tell the parents “Well it would be a shame if it got out that your child was gay…etc…” however, when they know the parents are fully on board things go an entirely different way. Good for the mother.

  • FagHag Mom

    Thanks for sharing our story! :) So you really think the name FagHagMom is too much? Cause I love it!! Jordan helped me make it up, I think it fits me, besides, it was either that or, “The Queen” and I really felt that was a bit over-board. The truth, but a little too…well you know.

    Just kidding.

    Thanks again for sharing our story, I hope it offers hope to other gay youth facing discrimination in this country!


  • stephen

    @FagHag Mom: What a cool mom! :)

  • Cam

    Hey FAgHagMom, you rock. :) Good for you and your son.

  • robert

    haha FagHagMom. ii wish my mother was a little more like you :)

  • AlanInSLCUtah

    @FagHag Mom:

    The only problem with the name is the word HAG. There isn’t anything nice about that word. I have always prefered the term Fruit Fly Mom, or Fruit Basket Momma. Fruit baskets are like little gifts to us gays, which you obviously are. Where as fag hags are typically girls that just don’t seem to get the hint that we are gay and stick around hoping one day one of us will switch teams and choose them.

  • edgyguy1426

    Leesa (my Jean Smart lookalike Twitter pal) I wished they had posted your video comments as well, but like I told you before, it’s not only the fact Jordan has the character to be himself in school but that you provided the atmosphere for him to do so.
    Your Twitter pal Twister1426

  • Jeff K.

    Haha! Way to put the fear of God and the ACLU into those bigots! Keep it up!

  • JoeyD

    @FagHag Mom: You are an inspiration to ALL LGBT youth. You prove that there really are parents who love and support their children unconditionally. Good for you. Thats what rearing children is all about. Thanks for being such an awesome support. Much Love!

  • FagHag Mom

    @AlanInSLCUtah: I don’t know, being called a fruit fly? Sounds a little fruity to me! Ya know… Honestly my gay friends call me the queen! I don’t consider Faghag a put down, in fact, I consider it a compliment. Of course my definition, Jordans, and my friends is different than yours, to us it is like the Best Friend of a gay man the one that is so close that they are like family!

    I am and always will be Jordan’s main FagHag!!! I am proud to be in that position in his life.


  • FagHag Mom

    Thank all of you for your wonderful compliments to me, but honestly, Jordan is my son I support him completely and want was is best for him.

    To me, I was just doing what a mom is supposed to, love and support my child no matter what!

    You do not raise your children to be who you want them to be, but rather to be strong enough to be who they really are.

    I am proud of my gay son and my Bi-Sexual daughter, they are strong, beautiful, loving people who are not afraid to be themselves. They are true to who they really are!! Just the way I raised them. A parent couldn’t ask for better children.

  • Jon

    Cute couple! Wish them all the best. I wish more High Schools could be like mine was. We have a GSA and at my senior prom I saw girls in tuxes and at least 3 or 4 gay couples. …Too bad I was lying to myself then and went with a girl. :(

  • jeffree

    Leesa: On behalf of every gay/ lesbian/ bi kid who has/ had parents who were ashamed of us, or tried to ignore us, convert us or reject us, I want to say a huge THANK YOU for your brave & shining example! You spoke truth to power, and the school saw “the light” & realized they were dealing with a parent who *means business* ! I hope other parents will follow your lead.

    And to the prom couple: HAVE FUN!
    Dance proud!

    cyberhugs from Jeff

  • dsdrane

    This is a ridiculously wonderful story!! Thanks Queerty for letting us know about it. Have a great time, Chase and Jordan.

  • FagHag Mom

    @jeffree: And that sweetie is the same hope that I have!!! :)

  • terrwill

    @FagHag Mom: Thank you for being what a mother should be: A person who unconditionally loves her children and accepts them for what and who they are. Your love and actions shine a brilliant beam of light onto the vile, dark souls who feel compelled to cast out and hurt their own children simply for accepting who they are,as they were born.

    Jordan is a lucky guy! I recently lost my Mom, who told me knew I was Gay before I did, can you please cyberadopt me as a surrogate Gay son???

  • Jason

    Since when is it difficult for gentiles to attend prom? Private Jewish schools are very inclusive and would never deny a goy. Or maybe you meant “gay” or “boy.” Oy vey.

  • Alexa

    Great story, you sound like an awesome mom, Leesa.

  • Joshua

    WOOH! Seems school in the U.S. are learning that unless they want a shit storm they better just back down. This is still so bizarre to see having just graduated HS in Canada BUT awesome to see Mom’s like this standing up for their kids.
    And i think the name ‘FagHagMom’ is kind of wicked!!
    You go mama! And congrats to the boys!

  • Grimmur

    @FagHag Mom: Just a thought here, both parts of word Faghag “Fag” & “Hag” are rather useless to describe a rather wonderful person like you obviously are, plus it’s a slight towards your son who seems just as nice, we need new slogans for ourselves people! :) Great work Leesa, you really are a queen amongst princes (and princesses)!

  • Distingue Traces

    Adding myself to the list of those bewildered by “goy.”

  • glasshouses

    I know that I’m going to win the Captain Obvious Award for this one but look how happy those guys are! That is the element of these prom stories that I wish more people could see and realize: when one has a cool mom (dad, moms, or dads) like Jordan has who is willing to act to be certain that their child receives no less than what every child deserves, the impact is inherently positive. I mean, honestly, look at them: they’re beaming!

    Good for you Leesa! You are a role model for parents and I wish we could bottle your compassion and concern for your children, straight, gay, bi, whatever.

    On a small note, realizing that you would do the same for your Bisexual daughter who may want to have a male OR female date at the prom really makes me happy, support that I know I would have not had in the same situation. I would proud for you to be my faghagmom.

    PS: “Goy” has very distinct images and references to those of us of (or familiar with I supsect) Jewish culture– and personally, I never heard it used nicely.

  • CondeNasty


    Bravo for being so supportive. With regard to your name… I would have gone with “The Queen Mother”. A nod to gayness, the monarchy and to being a mom. Plus it is a rank and title that befits a great person like you!!

  • schlukitz

    No. 12 · FagHag Mom

    What a lovely tribute to your son and daughter. How proud your children must be of you, Leesa. Your words created a lump in my throat and brought tears to my eyes.

    If only more parents were like you.

  • greenmanTN

    I’ve often wondered whether or not I would want an “out and proud” PFLAG activist parent. I’ve always thought it would be embarrassing to have one of them “Make a scene.” (Can you tell I’m a WASP?”

    And then you discover that you’ve just transferred “the closet” from yourself to them, they’re too afraid of confrontation to tell anyone in their social circle that they have not one gay son, but two. My brother and I are dirty secrets to them and that really really sucks.

    So brava, FagHagMom.

  • terrwill

    To all those mystified by the “Goy” reference: Please remember its a Queerty writer who wrote that, and we all know they NEVER make any kind of grammatical errors…….. : p

  • glasshouses


    Being of a certain age, I’ve personally found that one is never too old to make a scene and WASP environments are always the most fun in which to watch them. There’s still time.

    Also, in terms of the name: Leesa’s son picked it, so again, Bravo! Keep tweeting and shouting it out. That support is instrumental.

  • tinkerbell

    @FagHag Mom: OMG, I love your name. Thank you for standing up for your son and for what is right. People like you give me hope for humanity.

    Living across the mountains from you here in NE TN, I know exactly what you guys are going through. This region sucks. Your son is SO fortunate to have someone like you as his mom.

  • TrickyPuck

    @FagHag Mom: As a gay man, also in the south, Mississippi to be exact, it is not fun. I wish i’d had the parental support to come out before i did. More power to you FHM.

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