How to Create Makeup Wipe Drag Art

In our last story, where Pollo Del Mar sends an impassioned plea to Lady Gaga, you may have noticed the unique art of her Facebook profile picture. (See above)

Now, thanks to the power of YouTube, Pollo Del Mar has shared her secret method for creating this awesome drag queen art! So now, when drag queens around the world remove their makeup, they will have a sickening piece of art to give as a gift to their fans, friends and family!

Even if you’re not a drag queen, if you wear makeup this would be fun to try, especially with crazy Halloween makeup styles!

Check out the video below to see how she makes this art. And if you create your own makeup wipe drag art, share it with us on Facebook and we just might share it across our social channels! Don’t forget to tweet your photo to Pollo Del Mar as well!