A Troll's Etiquette Guide

How To Cruise With Class

Cruising can be pretty confusing. Luckily, Squirt.com, the site Larry Craig used to find his toilet tryst, provides a handy-dandy list of trolling etiquette. Our favorite? “Keep a Cruising spot alive and hot by keeping it clean.”

This doesn’t mean avoiding raunchy, dirty sex! It means taking away whatever you bring in.

No one, not the general public or other Cruisers, want to see the mess you left behind. Throw out your condoms, lube packets, tissues and whatever other tricks of the trade you brought in!

Garbage left behind by Cruisers ruins perfectly lovely public spaces, alerts local community members and police about Cruising activities, and is the fastest way to close down a hot beat. Besides which, filthy spots are hardly a turn on!

Funny, we thought filthy spots were the draw…

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