How To Cut Down On Park Cruising: Drive-In Sex Boxes

Technically this brilliant idea out of Switzerland is being dreamed up as a way to cut down on prostitutes and johns ruining the sights for everybody else, but think of what could happen if we installed a couple rows of these outside parks known for their cruising?

No more police raids on gays getting off. No more threats of joining a sex offender registry. And no more having to deal with the parking lots of Home Depot, where employees take dumps.

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  • scott ny'er

    what an interesting solution. I NEVER would’ve thought of that.

  • Tyler H

    This is so lame. I don’t know why our community gets so up in arms and defensive when there’s a “sting” at a public park “unfairly targeting gay men”. How ’bout NOT HAVE SEX IN PUBLIC PARKS, mmmkay?!!! Same goes for bathrooms, rest stops, hardware stores or the ball pit at Mickey D’s. If I saw a bunch of straights getting off in the bushes near my favorite running trail I’d call the cops too and be pissed if they didn’t do something about it.

    I realize that the majority of those who engage in this type of behavior are likely closeted “straight” men and the gays who get off on the idea of clandestine rendevous with fathers, husbands, whatever. But seriously, grow up and get a room like a normal adult. Maybe getting arrested will teach them a lesson, or better yet, force them to come out.

    This type of activity does nothing but enforce the image of sex-obsessed degenerates those whow would aim to take away our civil rights love to portray. Please stop giving them fodder.



    I really like this idea!!!……………

  • B

    Typical Swiss attention to detail! Since the customer presumably owns the car, the stall is designed so there is no room to open the door on the driver’s side but plenty of room on the passenger’s side, which means that the prostitute can bail easily if his/her customer gets out of line.

    I guess it is the best they can do in terms of ensuring a safe work environment.

  • Scott

    Ew! Pretty vile. I’d prefer an insulated room with a bed topped with clean sheets, thanks!

  • Nick Farben

    More importantly, is it free parking, or metered?

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