How to Enjoy Endless Margaritas (Guilt Free)


We hate to bring it up, but: summer is winding down. You’ve got, like, exactly one month before Labor Day puts a kabosh on your suntan! Which means the days for vacationing are limited, and that’s a truth we must all accept. But that’s still no reason to throw out your fitness routine in exchange for lounging in largess (to your waistline). What simple things can you do on holiday to keep fit? Or at least, fitter? Leave it to Jackie Warner: “Choose soda water in lieu of juice-based and blended drinks. Juice has lots of sugar and empty calories. If you are planning on drinking cocktails, stick to vodka instead of rum, and avoid margaritas whenever possible. Margaritas may be fun but they are loaded with calories! Treat yourself to a vodka-based mojito instead; make sure you ask your bartender to make it sugar free. For those with a sweet tooth, Splenda can be substituted in place of sugar. It tastes just as great and won’t kill your waistline.”

Also: “Intimacy is not only great for the relationship, but it’s fantastic exercise…You can burn up to 500 calories an hour!”

What we heard? “Margaritas are fine if you drink them while having sex.”