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How To Get A Kiss From Darren Criss, Cate Blanchett Has Loved Many Ladies, Britney Is Totally Hopeless


Cate Blanchett, whose new lesbian-themed film Carol will premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, reveals she’s had a few lady lovers herself.

Even when performing the material of other entertainers Sia kills it, as she proves with this cover of “California Dreamin'” for the upcoming disaster epic San Andreas.


If you’ve dreamed of Darren Criss planting a smooch on you, keep dreaming — literally. While playing Hedwig on Broadway, the actor sometimes finds a distracted audience member to make out with when his characters wanders offstage.

Even Britney Spears‘ most loyal fans will have a hard time defending her lazy work in the video for her duet with Iggy Azalea, “Pretty Girls,” which is a rip off homage to the ’80s comedy Earth Girls Are Easy. As Gawker puts it: “She just sings what they tell her, doesn’t ask questions, and tries her best just to get through it all.”

Are you ready to rock out with the film adaptation of Jem and the Holograms? Not so much? Same here.

Everybody dies, apparently even luscious Tyler Posey in the upcoming MTV series Scream.

The common wisdom that Meryl Streep can do anything is tested once again with her role as a faded rock star in the upcoming comedy Ricki and the Flash which reunites her with Sophie’s Choice costar Kevin Kline. Director Jonathan Demme has already spilled that Streep can out-sing Gaga on her “Bad Romance” cover and the trailer proves the three-time Oscar-winning actress can even wring laughs from a bad joke about gray pubes.

Amy Schumer is now the worst nightmare of every vapid actress working today. Bless her!

You’ve probably already watched several red carpet interviews from last weekend’s GLAAD Media Awards, but you’ve likely never seen anything like Mike Diamond‘s interview technique.