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  • Devon

    Ooh, I’m using that next time.

  • Justin Luke

    Nothing beats making a statement AND getting out of jury duty! Bravo!

  • Spike

    Just hope this guy never finds himself accused and on trial in front of a jury of his so called peers, because if we all take his advise, the jury is gonna be filled with retired old white teabagging homophobes!

  • Stanley

    His argument, “I can’t get married or adopt a child in the state of New York,” is flawed.

    Yes, he can do those things. He can get married to a woman if he chooses to (hey, he might be bisexual). I’m also pretty sure that he can adopt a child if he is (or breaks up with his partner to become) a single, adult male. While there may restrictions of gay couples adopting, I’m pretty sure New York doesn’t prevent financially & psychologically stable single adults from adopting.

    Now, if he is gay, he may really feel like a second-class citizen. But you’ve got to come up with more sophisticated arguments than the simplistic one he made.

  • Designer Daddy

    So how *did* the other jurors respond?

  • Steven

    @Stanley – I don’t see how it’s flawed at all. He’s gay. He should be allowed to be married to another guy. He can’t be, because under New York State law, it’s not legal. However, due to the Equal Protection clause and Due Process clause, it should be. Therefore, he’s not treated at the same level as his peers. He’s now being called in as a possible juror in said state, and asked if he can be impartial. He can’t be, because how could he judge people in the same system that wrongly judges him and treats him as less than. I’m not understanding your argument. Yours is the one that is flawed.

  • Soupy

    Damn. Won’t work here in Canada.

  • Stanley

    @Steven: I am a gay man who believes that marriage is the union between ONE man and ONE woman. I respect your view that you see otherwise, but marriage has never, ever, been defined as one man marrying another man. It just seems strange to me — regardless of culture, a wedding is supposed to consist of a sharply dressed man, and a beautiful bride with a pretty dress. Domestic partnerships and civil unions can provide the legal protections that marriages provide. And if they currently don’t do that, then let’s work amending civil unions to address those issues.

    The divorce rate for marriages is over 50%, and with gay men included, that figure would climb MUCH higher. Gay men have a problem with monogamy, and has the highest demographic of people who list being in “open relationships”. With all of this infidelity and promiscuity, it comes as no surprise that the HIV epidemic (unfortunately) began with gay men, and gay men continue to have the highest HIV infection rates in the country.

    Have you ever been to The Castro, West Hollywood, Boystown, or Chelsea (NYC)? Have you compared the kinds of businesses that thrive in those places, versus the suburbs?

    The culture of gay men is built upon promiscuity and in-the-moment sexual gratification. In straight America, most (straight) porn actors & prostitutes keep secret what they do for a living. But in The Castro/West Hollywood/Boystown/NYC, being a gay porn actor or “rentboy” makes you a local celebrity.

  • Soupy

    Stanley, if you look at history, marriage was defined as a financial contract that basically endorsed a form of slavery. The “definition” of marriage is slippery at best.

  • orpheus_lost

    @Stanley: Let’s look at the many flaws in your arguments, shall we?

    First, if you believe “that marriage is the union between ONE man and ONE woman,” please feel free to either marry a woman or not marry at all. Do not, however, presume that your religious or ideological beliefs should affect how I live my life when my actions do not affect you directly or indirectly other than perhaps offending your delicate sensibilities. You have no more inherent right to proscribe marriage equality for me as I have to demand that be arrested for spewing idiotic opinions.

    Second, civil unions are nothing more than a form of “separate but equal” that writes discriminatory practices into law. There is no more justification for setting up parallel laws now than there was 50 years ago.

    Third, it doesn’t matter what the divorce rate is. Even if it goes to 100% it is none of your business. Stay out of other people’s lives.

    Forth, like the divorce rate, HIV rates aren’t your business unless your one of those “promiscuous” men who contracted it. If this is the case, learn to take care of yourself before trying to preach to others what do. Besides that, your belief that gay men are inherently slutty shows how self loathing your really are. When a person lumps the entirety of another community into one discriminatory stereotype its called bigotry, when a person does it with their own community it’s called being an Uncle Tom.

    Lastly, not only are your comments about straight porn stars obviously wrong (Jenna Jamison, Ron Jeremy, Marilyn Chambers, etc…) they are so prudish and self hating to be both laughable and yet pitiable. I strongly suggest you get into some sort of therapy that wasn’t approved by the Westboro Baptist Church.

  • Francis

    Oh hell no. I’m not EVEN going to start on that mess (responder #4 and #8). I’ll let everyone else take the trash out.

    As for the story, great job making a stand!

  • John

    I am deeply disappointed that Queerty would trivialize and demean an individual’s attempt to stand up to the system and give voice to gay rights. Not only was his stance legal, but it was relevant, and should be applauded and replicated. Perhaps this site should stick to the first half of its own claim…to remain free from agenda…since this article certainly does nothing to stand for the gay one.

  • Stanley

    @orpheus_lost: Wow, I politely disagree with the “gay community” and it is suggested that I be “arrested for spewing idiotic opinions” and I’m called “trash.” This coming from the group that says “it gets better” and preaches tolerance….

    You have the right to live your life as you please. You do not have the right to change our nation’s laws, willy-nilly, just because they offend your personal sensibilities. What’s next? Should we allow marriage between 3 people, 4 people, or 5+ people because people are being denied their equal rights & due process to marry as many people as they wish?

    Yes, as a whole, gay men are much more promiscuous than straight people. In more traditional communities, straight people still do wait until marriage to have sex. How many gay men do you hear saying that they “want to wait to have sex until after their civil union ceremony (or ‘wedding’)”? How many gay men do you know, who have not had sex yet?

    And you are wrong about the straight porn stars. Jenna Jameson & Ron Jeremy might be famous in liberal Hollyweird (and the gay community of West Hollywood), but straight porn stars are NOT idolized or viewed as role models in “middle America.”

    Compare that to porn stars (& “rentboys”) Drew Cutler & Jayden Grey who tweeted pictures of themselves kissing, while holding up “Equality California” signs at a gay marriage rally in West Hollywood. Gay porn stars and hustlers are an integral part of the “gay community.”

    I’m from California, and my parents placed a “Yes on 8” campaign sign on their yard. Their sign was taken down several times, and even spray-painted over with, once. Especially as it became apparent that same-sex marriage was going to end in California, I was horrified to see so much hatred coming from the side the claims to stand for “love.”

    Again, I love and care about my fellow gay brothers & sisters, but I just cannot support same-sex marriage.

  • Mark

    @Stanley: and stanley, there is evidence of same sex marriage dating before mixed sex marriage with said marriage certificate in the Vatican Library, circa 415 C.E.

  • Francis

    I find it hilarious people ask for tolerance when they are completely intolerant and use baseless opinion stereotypes as factual statements. It’s truly comical.

  • Mark

    @Stanley: Okay, so what part of “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” says for straight people only? What part of the 14th Ammendment ” No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” is for straight people only?

    Marriage was originally a contract to pass along ownership of land, etc. It had absolutely nothing to do with a wedding.

    You can believe as you wish to believe, but frankly, I am a full tax paying citizen of this country and if I wish to marry my partner, then it is a ‘civil’ issue. It is my right. I am NOT a second class citizen.

  • DJ

    OMG genius idea.

  • TheRealAdam

    @Francis: I seriously doubt that “Stanley” is a gay man. There aren’t many self-respecting, aware gay men who would say such things. He is just using that as a cover to spew his beliefs, and while I agree somewhat with a few of his points on gay culture/promiscuity, the rest of it is pulled from a right-wing anti-gay playbook.

    I think it’s a troll.

  • justiceontherocks

    @Stanley: You missed a few homophobic stereotypes. Not many, though. If you really are a non-heterosexual, I suggest self-esteem class. Quickly.

  • David Gervais

    Stanley- deal with some facts:

    John Boswell [Noted church historian] has discovered that, whereas the church did not declare heterosexual marriage to be a sacrament until 1215 C.E., one of the Vatican Library’s earliest Greek liturgical documents is a marriage ceremony for two persons of the same sex. The document dates to the fourth century, if not earlier. In other words, nine centuries before heterosexual marriage was declared a sacrament, the church liturgically celebrated same-sex covenants.

  • DavyJones

    @Stanley: I have a hard time believing you’re a gay man, and here’s why: You say “The culture of gay men is built upon promiscuity and in-the-moment sexual gratification” and yet you yourself claim to be a gay man with an exactly opposite view. If you were in fact a gay man, you’d have to admit that the ‘Gay community’ is in fact diverse; ranging from the sexual promiscuous to straight-laced conservatives.

    In truth it is a very diverse community; which has no more a problem with monogamy than ‘straight’ America. So keep your bigoted half-baked ‘statistics’ out of the argument.

    As for changing the nation’s laws ‘willy-nilly’; no one is suggesting that at all. What is being suggested (or rather demanded) is that in a case where the nation’s laws are discriminatory; they are adjusted to be equitable to all. Regardless of faith, race, creed, sex, gender, or sexual orientation.

    Oh and a last note: compare Gay porn stars to many Collage Sorority girls (Girls Gone Wild, anyone?); and you’ll find them to be pretty equal (both in wits and in relevance to this conversation).

  • csw


    I 100000% agree with you. But, y’all, let’s stop feeding the troll!! Also, I think you mean “Stanly” is an Aunt Mary, not an Uncle Tom. Ugh. So glad I don’t know any gay people like that (if he even is a real gay person).

  • pickles

    That is a super-clever and justified excuse. My only beef comes from my experience of being ON a jury a few years back. Let’s just say, the freaks on the jury (besides me, of course) had such conservative, mean, short-sighted attitudes, that I felt it was REALLY important for the perspective I had as a gay, liberal, thinking, considerate person who could possibly sway the opinion of less open jurors.

    Jury duty can be a hassle and money waster (in California, you get paid a whopping $15/day -lousy for the self-employed) yet it’s vitally important for people of all walks, including gays to be the voice of a jury.

  • Jorge

    @Stanley: You’re stupid.

    When blacks were segregated from whites, they could still drink from water fountains and get an education, but you wouldn’t be so stupid to say they weren’t second class citizens now would you? Saying that a gay person isn’t being discriminated against because they can still marry a woman is what is flawed. Marriage is designed to unite two people who love each other. Barring same-sex marriage denies the fundamental function of marriage to gay people.

    Again, you’re stupid.

  • Stanley is a straight homophobe pretending to be gay

    homophobes play this stupid game all the time: post claiming to be gay and then repeat all of the same old tired anti-gay talking points.

    Stanley – you are not fooling anyone. Begone before someone drops a house on you.

  • RomanHans

    I’ll second the motion that Stanley needs a psychiatrist fast. Any thinking homosexual wouldn’t (1) accept one ridiculous alleged study that says the divorce rate among homosexuals is higher than heterosexuals (we’ve been allowed to marry for what, two weeks?) and (2) flog all homosexuals as narcissistic, shallow and sex-obsessed when Kardashians exist.

  • Soupy

    Inter-racial marriage was once taboo and unrecognized as well. The whole man and woman thing has only been defined by conservative activists.

  • Shannon1981

    I totally applaud the guy in the article, and I am totally doing this next time I get called for jury duty.

    @Stanley, you are a fool. And there’s no way you’re gay.

  • Stanley

    I AM a gay man. I just happen to be what DavyJones calls a “straight-laced conservative.” I’m friends with Daniel Blatt from GayPatriot, and I regularly follow that blog.

    I’m not a troll. I know too much about the “gay community” in L.A. and the antics that most of you pull when a few of us don’t follow the Democratic Party & HRC agenda. Most of you are not only intolerant, but simply hate gay conservatives.

    One of you cited the parts of the Constitution & the 14th Amendment. Nowhere in the Constitution, or its amendments, is sexual orientation mentioned. Yes, there is a right to free speech and privacy, but there is no right to be gay in the core documents that guide our country’s laws.

    Next, about marriage. Marriage may have originally been involved in the transaction of property, goods, etc, but marriage has always involved at least one man & at least one woman, and only relatively recently has ever been associated with “love.” Marriage, at it’s root, is NOT about love. You can have “love” without a marriage license.

    What marriage is, is the economic, psychological, and physical union of a man and a woman to bring new children into the world, and provide a stable, nurturing environment with a mother & father. Yes, this ideal situation unfortunately doesn’t happen, as marriages sometimes end in divorce, or some people choose (or can’t) have children. But that doesn’t change the fundamental tradition & purposes of marriage.

    The comparison of gay porn stars to college sorority girls falls flat. They are NOT comparable. Most college sorority girls who have done risque things like “Girls gone Wild” have thoroughly come to have regretted doing those things, especially when it comes time to finding a traditional job, or settling down in the suburbs in “middle America”.

    But gay porn stars and “rentboys”/hustlers are embraced & idolized in the gay community & gay neighborhoods. When every other street corner on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood has magazine stands which have free copies of soft-core gay porn, interviews with gay porn stars, advertisements for gay porn, phone sex,& escorts — what does it say about gay neighborhoods & the people who live there?

    I’m sorry if you don’t like the truth, but yes, gay men ARE much more promiscuous than lesbians, straight men, straight women, etc etc. I do have straight friends who are waiting until marriage to have sex. Please tell me, how many gay men do you know, who are still virgins when it comes to having sex?

    Have you ever heard a gay man say, “I’m planning to wait until after I have a civil union or get married to my partner before having sex, because losing my virginity is a gift I want to give to the man I truly love?”

    I rest my case.

  • Shannon1981

    Well then Stanley, I think you belong over there with the GOProud crew, not here at Queerty. I still think you’re either a) not gay at all, but just posing or b) a self loathing queer with all kinds of internalized homophobia.

    RomanHans is right. Get some help, STAT.

  • justiceontherocks

    @Stanley: You remind me of the black people who thought it was OK to drink at the “Colored” water fountains.

    If you really are a homosexual, and you honestly do not believe that your relationship is as important and valuable to society as any other relationship, then I encourage you to get offline and seek help immediately. That’s a big problem.

    Oh, and one more thing. Gay men are more promiscuous than straight boys? You would know this how? You have what statistics to cite on this point? Put up or shut up with the silly claims.All it proves is that you’ve bought in to every stereotype blathered by the Tony Perkins and Maggie Gallaghers of the world.

    Go get a life that is somewhere in the real world.

  • Jorge

    @Stanley: Again, you’re stupid.

    Nobody who takes the law or the Constitution seriously would ever be so stupid as to try and defend their point by saying that the language say something explicitly. There are so many implied powers and catch-all guarantees in our laws and especially the Constitution. Regardless of whether you believe that or not, that is how the courts have interpreted it and that is what rules.

    Your arguments suck and so do you.

  • Pooka

    Isn’t gay adoption in NY legal? Both Single GLBT & Partnered GLBT??

  • Stanley is a straight homophobe pretending to be gay

    “I know too much about the “gay community” in L.A.”

    There is no evidence in your posts that you know anything, Stanley/Maggie.

    Every talking point in your post is straight from the NOM Big Book Of Lies and Bullsh*t.

    “With all of this infidelity and promiscuity, it comes as no surprise that the HIV epidemic (unfortunately) began with gay men,”

    Actually, the HIV epidemic began in Africa, with heterosexuals, and the overwhelming majority of all cases of HIV are in heterosexuals, transmitted in heterosexual sex acts.

    Oh, and researchers report that 1/3 of coupled heterosexuals have committed infidelity of some kind, and another third have considered it.

    Real gay men over the age of 11 knows this.

    Face it, Stanley/Maggie, your position is so fraudulent that you now have to pose as a gay man online to get anyone to even pay attention to you now.

    Maggie, turn off the computer and go torture/be intimate with that invisible husband of yours.

    I mean, as soon as Raman gets home from the The Crew Club.

    That is why you never appear in public with him, right Maggie? So he can’t be recognized and photographed coming out of a gay bar or bathhouse.

  • Markie-Mark

    @Stanley: For your information: Massachusetts has had marriage equality for 6 years and has the LOWEST divorce rate in the country. You are not the boss of me and I’m really glad about that. In fact I hope I never meet you. You are not my kind of person.

  • Stanley

    Homosexual romantic relationships are NOT the same as heterosexual romantic relationships. Heterosexual relationships have the potential of producing children. Homosexual relationships (without the assistance of someone of the opposite gender) do not. And even then, both homosexual partners cannot both biologically be the parents of the child.

    I wish I was straight. Then again, I also wish I was a multi-millionaire, children wouldn’t die from cancer, and war didn’t exist. I would take a pill to turn myself straight, if there was one that really worked. I have prayed to God countless times wondering why I kept finding myself attracted to men instead of women. I don’t know what I did to deserve all this. I never received a reply.

    If there is such as thing as reincarnation, perhaps I was a very horrible, evil person towards other people in my past life, and this is my punishment. My mother is really spiritual and that’s what she tells me, and I guess it makes sense.

    I’m not worthy of love, but I guess that was God’s plan for me.

    But I am happy to speak up in support of traditional marriage, and witness the true love, joy and happiness it brings. Last month, one of my cousins got married — it was a very elaborate ceremony & she looked stunning in her beautiful Vera Wang dress and her groom wore an Armani tux (I know this because I helped them with planning the wedding — I love planning weddings!).

    I didn’t choose to be a gay man, but I don’t believe in trampling over an institution like marriage just because the current laws might seem unfair. Unfortunately, life IS unfair. Children didn’t choose to have cancer or a medical disorder, and I certainly didn’t choose to be gay.

    It would be selfish of me to seek love, or change the definition of marriage. Instead, I just want to be the most friendliest, giving, and honest person I can be, and at the end of day, hopefully that will be enough to make up for the fact that I’m gay.

  • David Gervais

    To get back on topic:

    It was a very good way to make a point. However, several people have written posts that imply that avoiding jury duty is unimportant and an acceptable behaviour. Jury duty is an important civic obligation. If you are called, you should serve if at all possible.

  • Shannon1981

    @Stanley: WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?! Ok, I already suspected that you were insane. Now there is absolutely NO DOUBT. Make up for the fact that you are gay? Selfish to seek love? Homosexual relationships not the same as heterosexual relationships? Man, you must spend your days and nights licking Maggie Ghallagher’s asshole! Get some fucking help, dude. You need it.

    @David Gervais: Thanks for ignoring the troll. I have not that self restraint. However, I could see myself, as filled with resentment about the whole second class citizen thing as I am, deliberately being an asshat and not really upholding the law because I hate the law and its refusal to give me my rights. So, if one feels that way, it would be more of a disservice to serve than not to serve IMO.

  • justiceontherocks

    @Stanley: You certainly are worthy of love. But that starts with you loving you. Get busy doing it.

  • David Gervais

    About Stanley and promiscuity:
    You cite West Hollywood. If that’s where you are hanging around, then that’s what you will see. You don’t see the couples in other cities and towns who live very quiet married, in all but legality, lives.

    If the West Hollywood scene is not for you, then get out of LA to a place where you can live your life and meet people more like you.

  • David Gervais

    Stanley, you don’t know how lucky you are to be gay.

    I can not imagine taking a pill to be straight. I would have missed out on the 30 years my husband and I had together.

    It’s a few years later, I now have a BF who is very romantic.

    I hope you get to place in your life where you can find the same happiness.


    You speak of “…that was God’s plan for me.”; as understand the religious thing, god does not make mistakes. If god made you gay, then that is gods will and you should not thwart it. He/she/it wants you to find love and happiness as a gay person, just the way he made you. If you are unhappy about being gay, then you are rejecting what god has created.

  • Francis

    TheRealAdam, Stanley is a troll, but I do think he’s gay. He’s just not self-respecting whatsoever. He’s beyond self-loathing, a self-described ultra conservative, apparently a religious wingnut, and probably friends with that 22 year old twink from GOProud who said he hates gay people. Essentially comparing being gay to cancer and medical disorders shows us all the mentality of this sad and twisted individual. And yeah, I’ll do what I said I was going to and ignore from here on in. Hopefully you get some serious help, Stanley, because honey, it isn’t the gays who have the problem. It’s you who has a problem with you.

  • Unintended Consequences?

    Except gay people are litigants constantly, and deserve to be represented by a jury of their peers. You may be helping yourself get out of jury duty, but you’re not “making a stand”– you’re hurting gay people. Bigots prefer not having gays on juries, not vice versa.
    People have FOUGHT for the right to serve on juries. That’s like saying “I’m a second class citizen, so I won’t speak or vote.”
    Entitled drama queens. Jeebus.

  • Soupy

    There is nothing sadder than a self-loathing homosexual who allows shame to take over his life.

  • Tom

    @Stanley: Dear Stanley, Just because you might have a problem with staying faithful to one man doesn’t mean that other gay men do.

    Sorry you are a slutbag,


  • Exiled Angel

    I did not realize what a low-life, shabby and narrow-minded person I was,
    until I saw a jury of my peers.

  • Ken S

    ohhh, it’s always such a treat when we’re paid a visit by dumbfucks who think that being good “tolerant” liberals means putting up with their intolerant stupid bullshit. As though they can say and do anything, push us around, bully us, marginalize us, treat us like less-than citizens, and somehow we’ll be bound to “tolerate” it by some unbreachable code of passivity.

    That’s not tolerance, it’s elective victimhood.

    A liberal, “tolerant” person trying to live their life and petition their government for fair, just and righteous treatment under the law and who is opposed by illiberal, intolerant, narrow-minded ignorant bigots doesn’t owe the bigot anything. By fighting back they aren’t “oppressing” the person standing between them and justice. That isn’t a thing you get to do, opposing the rights of others and then calling yourself a victim when they get furious and call you an asshole; you’re still the antagonist, you’re still in the wrong, and “tolerating” your belligerence isn’t virtuous. And your disingenuous mewling won’t compel us to fight with one hand tied behind our backs when our cause is just, because not only do we deserve to win- you *deserve* to lose.

  • Bubba

    Stanley was actually doing a pretty admirable trolling job…until Comment 36. Then he just made it too obvious he was trolling and/or purposely being as incendiary as he could be.

    Seriously, it’s not like he’s gonna read a couple of responses on Queerty and say “Oh okay I change my entire worldview now.” If that even IS his worldview in the first place and he’s not just making all this shit up because he has too much time on his hands.

  • Kurt

    like that boy Jonathan has any intention of adopting children and going to PTA meetings in Westchester County. You can’t be out at teh clubs every night and have a fiver year old.

  • David

    Roy Cohn was also a self-loathing homosexual. Maybe Stanley should take part in some sort of in-house senate commitee on unAmerican activities to purge himself of all of the evil that goes on in his head.

  • no thanks

    @ Everyone:

    If STANLEY is actually a gay man who wishes himself straight (as opposed to Maggie Gallagher in disguise, trolling on gay websites), then he is free to feel the way says he does and we should support him.

    There are all kinds of gays; christian, conservative, communist, neo-nazi, celibate, Muslim, and even Clay Aiken.

    We can’t shout down any opposing view just because we feel pushed around by society. He doesn’t want to get married or “seek love”? That’s fine. Let him work that out on his own. Let him have his experience.

    Name-calling is not right no matter how passionately we disagree with someone. Do you want to be called “stupid” or “fucked up” for loving another man? No, I didn’t think so. Be nice, listen to people’s ideas.

    He is partially right about a couple of things:

    1. We revere gay porn stars and prostitutes (just look at queerty, rawTOP, and towleroad for christ’s sake).

    2. Many gay men have issues with monogamy, writ large.

    3. We hate gay conservatives.

    HOWEVER, regarding #1 and 2 from my list, would our culture revere sexual permissiveness, porn, and prostitutes if we had an institution like marriage to look forward to? I wonder.

  • .i5

    GO ANARCHY! :)

  • kelehe

    Stanley, I traced your IP address to a physical address owned by Maggie Gallagher, nice try Maggie.

  • Sage Cat

    @no thanks:
    NO. I do not want to support neo-nazi gays- no thanks. If I’m Black should I support intolerant religious fanatics who also happen to be Black? Your argument is illogical. It doesn’t matter if he’s gay or straight- we have the right to call him out on his idiocy and hatred towards gays. He never says that he doesn’t want to seek love.

    1. I actually agree with this. When I first started reading gay websites I was shocked. However, not all of the gay community feels this way. It’s wrong to put us all into a little box. You’re excluding gay intellectuals and many women.

    2.Larger than straight men? I doubt it.

    3. I don’t. I hate gay 99.9% of gay Republicans- there is a difference. Of course we hate hypocrites! It’s natural to dislike someone who has a great opportunity to promote equality- but instead uses it to enforce hatred!

  • Thomas

    @Stanley: Who or whatever you may be, Stanley, I fail to see how same-sex couples getting married affects you, any more than it affects straight couples. What I do find sad is that you lead an insular enough life that you have made an entire group of people–one of which you may or may not be part–into a stereotype. “They” do this and “they” like that…it’s just sad. You may not like it or appreciate it, but I genuinely feel sorry for you.

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