How To Make Dead Mormons Homosexual In Two Easy Steps!

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints recently apologized for posthumously baptising Holocaust victims, but they still continue to drag other unwilling corpses into the faith. Well some  thought if they can turn us into Mormons, we can convert them to homosexuality.

Go to and enter the name of a deceased Mormon. With a click of a button, they’ll become a card carrying fag or dyke!

Sadly, many Mormons throughout history have died without having known the joys of homosexuality. With your help, these poor souls can be saved.

Simply enter the name of your favorite dead Mormon* in the form below and click Convert! Presto, they’re gay for eternity. There is no undo.

It’s a shame we can’t convert live Mormons into the gay way—there are some cute missionaries we’d love to have some alone time with.

Photo: Frontiers magazine