no homo

How to Make Rappers Sound Gay (When They’re Trying Not To)

We did not know this, because we don’t listen to FM radio all that much (reasons: commercials, static, Jack FM, and there’s something called Pandora), but apparently radio stations like D.C.’s Hot 99.5 have been censoring the phrase “no homo” in rap lyrics. Because it’s offensive to gays or something. (One web commenter says “no homo” is “pretty wrong, kinda like saying i could go for a watermelon, ‘no negro.’” We LOL’d.) But do you know who’s being hurt by radio stations censoring the term? Rappers!

The wise words (!) of another net poster: “If they censor it, and someone hasn’t heard it uncensored, doesn’t that completely ruin the meaning?” Or, as Amanda Hess explains: “In other words, when radio stations censor ‘no homo’ following a rapper’s intentionally homoerotic verse, won’t that make rappers sound kind of, well, gay?”

Well, let’s take Lil’ Wayne’s “Weezy Ambitions” for a spin:

money money money get a dollar & a dick
weezy baby that crack mothafucka get a fix
got money out the ass no homo but im rich
bout to…(gangsta grillz you bastards)

Kinda gay.

How about Kayne rapping on Jay-Z and Rihanna’s “Run This Town”:

It’s crazy how you can go from being Joe Blow
To everybody on your dick, no homo

Leave it to Mr. West to take things too far. Homo.