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How to Market Gay Pride? With Drag Queens, Natch

With Memorial Day Weekend, so comes the run-up to a summer season of gay pride. But don’t think for a minute the festivities are limited to New York, Los Angeles, and P-Town. The Euros will be getting their celebraciónes on as well, with The Big One going down in Zurich: Europride is June 5-7. Because there’s a little gay in everyone.

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  • dgz

    this ad was really well made… but i’m not sure how i feel about it. and Zurich is one helluva expensive place to have Europride!

  • @Daniel_Baylis


    But if you want cute boys with cute accents, you don’t have to fly to the other side of the world… we’re waiting for you ;-)

  • Alban

    I’m a parisian, but I’m not going to the Zurich Europride, it’s really expensive! But this ad is really well made! and funny!

  • 7snowynights

    It always bothers me when the media uses drag queens as the default for gay. I mean, a man dressing up in heels and behaving like a drunk, horny woman is, frankly, unnatural. It gives the public the wrong impression of the community, reinforces stereotypes, and just shoves us deeper under popular shame.

  • kundera

    7snowynights has a valid point.
    And a case in point: Why isn’t Queerty commenting on the New York Post’s snippet today on Anderson Cooper.
    Yes, I know, Cooper is not coming out, blah, blah, but did you see the attack? Did you read the comments by readers?
    I am a woman (don’t hate), I’m not a “fag hag”, and I don’t even watch AC much anymore.
    But read the comments, please, made today. Something must be said? Let him leave, if he must, as a news man not doing his job, but the hate is injustice. My comment was put there, but I don’t know if it will still be there tomorrow. I cringe at bullies.

  • TANK

    WHy would you read the NY POst? That gossip rag’s unfit to wipe with. Bigot central…sean delonas is its cartoonist, after all. What do you expect?

    News from the ny post….surreal…

  • kundera

    Yeah, you’re right, Tank, but still disturbs me. Shouldn’t surf before sleep!

  • mb00

    Well, I hate to throw a wrench in the gears here, but why does everyone always get so bent out of shape when drag queens are included in these ads. Lest we forget that IT IS because of drag queens that we have the freedoms that we all share now.
    I’m sure when the drag queens were rioting in San Francisco and in New York’s Stonewall, they didn’t just do it for themselves. They did for all of us. Gays, Lesbians, Bi-Sexuals, Transgenders, butch, effeminates…they fought for all of us.
    They were tired of the abuse and harassment and had the balls to fight back, unlike most gay men, they’ll just back down and say “thank you- may I have another?”. If anyone deserves to be depict in an ad for gay pride, I’d say it’s them and not us.
    I’m down for my drag queens.

  • orpheus_lost

    @7snowynights: Falwell couldn’t have said it better himself. We should always be intolerant of those who are not like ourselves, right?

    In case you didn’t catch the sarcasm, I’ll be more clear. The only thing “unnatural” is your bigotry and internalized homophobia. You really need help.

  • jason

    I have to agree with those who say that drag queens are an escape hatch for homophobes. They’re the safe alternative to that “icky” notion of two men kissing.

    By allowing straights to use drag queens to represent us – and by allowing ourselves to be represented by drag queens – we are effectively letting down the gay rights movement.

    Drag queens do have their place. But it needs to be remembered that they are camp, not gay. Camp and gay are two different words with two different meanings.

  • jason

    All I’m saying is that drag queens should not be used to define gay rights. I personally find it bizarre that many gay men are overly captivated by men dressed up as women. It suggests that we’ve become dysfunctional as a community.

  • alan brickman

    A homophobe fantasy!! drag queens and femmes aren’t the only gays “out there” you know…..

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