app your heart out

How to Plan a Whole Gay Wedding with Just a Tiny iPhone Screen

If the boyscouts have taught us anything, it’s to be prepared. That’s why we have apps on our phone for any occasion: a storm tracker, a parking space locator, a cab-hailer, an app that can identify songs and another than can identify fonts, a movie-ticket buyer, and even an SSH client. And now, at last, we can be prepared to have an impromptu wedding.

Gay Wedding Confidential” has everything you could possibly need if you decide to get married while waiting in line at the grocery store. A photo gallery, information on the states where gay marriage is legal, a pre-screened gay-friendly wedding vendor directory, an expert advice blog …” and so on. No better way to plan a wedding than on a 960 x 640 pixel screen!

We’re scratching our heads over this one but the app has at least one very enthusiastic fan: an LGBT wedding blog is beside itself that there’s an app for this particular niche. Gushes the blog:

Bernadette Covney-Smith of 14 Stories, a boston-based wedding planner “for LGBT and other progressive-minded couples everywhere they are legal”… teamed up with the popular wedding blog, So You’re Engayged, to create a wedding planning app for same-sex couples!  It’s like The Knot, for gays!

One of those three links doesn’t work [UPDATE: It’s fixed!] , but the other two go to very handy websites about weddings and/or gays. Said websites are comprehensive, easy to navigate, and optimized for large screens. We have a feeling that websites are going to be the next big thing in wedding planning!