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How to Stalk Lance Bass + Neil Patrick Harris (Probably Legally)


What do you mean you’re above stalking celebrities? Please. Do you know how many times you’ve clicked on the Lance’s Abs v. Justin’s Abs post? Or checked out Lance’s vacation photos? You love your famous persons. You want to be their friends. Or be them! But the second best option to hanging around them all the time? Stalking them.

That’s where OMGICU comes in. Sure, there’s always been web tools to stalk celebs, but Gawker Stalker is so Web 1.No. Rather than relying on people to email in a sighting, OMGICU combines SMS, Twitter, and Facebook messages for the ultimate commentary-laced sightings site.

Yes, there’s an app for that, but for the non-Apple geeks out there, this is the second-best thing to hiding in Neil Patrick Harris‘ bushes. Which brings us to: Not enough of you are hiding in NPH’s bushes. NPH hasn’t been seen in a month. And Lance hasn’t been tagged in three months. C’mon, gays, find ’em!