How to Stay Manscaped When You’re Lazy As Hell


It can be very hard being a man, and not just because you’re not supposed to cry during the weigh-ins on The Biggest Loser. Every so often, then, a saving grace comes along to make things a little be easier to not be the fairer sex. And that’s where this monthly subscription to manly things comes in. GLD points out that for a $39.99 recurring fee, Automated Man will restock your body cleansing and manscaping tools each month via postal delivery. You’ll score a razor and razor blades, shave gel, floss, shampoo, and of course, a 12-pack of condoms (optional!). This is very important stuff for a man on the go, whose busy schedule closing deals and cruising Manhunt do not allow for seven minutes worth of shopping at Walgreens every month.