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How To Stop Gay Bashing? Pink Pistols Has 1 Suggestion

The gay community should be the most heavily armed community in the country. … Their answer for self defense is to dial 911. And I get a homophobic cop defending my butt? Does anyone see a problem in that!?

—Nicki Stallard, of the gay pro-gun group Pink Pistols, speaking today at a gun rights rally in northern Virginia

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  • Lamar

    I agree, a lot of cops are homophobic and that is because a lot of them are heterosexual, hypermasculine men and hypermasculinity is almost synonymous with homophobia.

  • Baxter

    @Lamar: From my experience, cops are not any more or less homophobic than the general population. I also think there are very few cops who aren’t going to help a person in distress, regardless of their sexual orientation.

    That being said, I do think that carrying a gun is usually a better form of self-defense than dialing 911. By the time you’ve called the cops, you’ve probably already been bashed. The cops can very rarely stop a crime before it happens, just because they can’t be everywhere at once.

  • Michael

    @Lamar: Sorry, but the just as in society, the only homophobic cops are those who are desperately trying to avoid being a fag. I used to live in the most homophobic town I’ve ever been in and the homophobia coming come from the police force stemmed from a few gay cops who were urgently trying to prove to everyone, including themselves, just how not gay they really were.

    btw, as for this article, the best way to stop homophobia is to kicks someone’s ass when they try to start shite. Homophobes are the biggest cowards around and turn to chicken shite as soon as they realize the gay guy isn’t going to just turn and run away but will fight and I, for one, think the score needs to be settled a bit. There have been way too many homosexuals either harmed or killed from gay bashing. I might not throw the first punch but I’ll be damned sure to throw the last and this is one issue I’m willing to go down for.

  • adman

    Pink Pistols are the best, we have a great time bringing a bit of the rainbow to the shooting range whenever we have an event. We like to BBQ, play music and just have fun after at some couples house, it’s good times! check it out. Plus, you might meet a Gay Cop or two who can educate you regarding the true issues GLBT’s face when dealing with law enforcement, again check it out. Pink Pistols are the best folks. :-) :-) :-)

  • Blah

    Yay, Pink Pistols are back!

  • Todd Plunkett

    um in my city we have a transgendered person actively serving in the police dept. She is not the first cop to transition either. How does this sit with your cop stereotype? not real well. Let’s stop over generalizing people shall we?

  • Gimme A Break

    Best advice I’ve seen in years. Gay bashers are crazy and you need to protect yourself.

  • Jason

    Armed gays don’t get bashed. It’s that simple.

  • Jake the libertarian

    I LOVE the Pink Pistols. It is a horrible stereotype that gays are somehow unable or unwilling to defend ourselves. I am an armed gay man and I encourage others to be as well. Pink Pistols is a wonderful group. I live in SW VA, and unfortunately our closest chapter is in Richmond or I would join also.

  • GrrrlRomeo

    Oh, but you left out the part where she said she wanted to tar and feather Rachel Maddow. Yeah, LGBTs with guns and another way to fight each other.

  • SS

    Tar and feather Rachel Maddow….when was this?

  • Rickie Lee

    I agree completely. Years ago I was beaten by two cops. They arrested me for public drunkenness. One cop took me to the back seat of the squad car and beat me while the other cop drove us to a secluded area of town. All the time the cop was beating me he explained that being a lesbian was dangerous and threatened to use his bully club “where the sun don’t shit” and that it would “teach me a lesson”. When they took me to jail they said I resisted arrest. Bull!!

  • Tallskin

    Sheeezh, what a stupid fucking argument!

    I know in the heat of the moment it’s easy to say stupid things like gays should be armed, but just think about it. If gays have guns then so will the homophobes.

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