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How To Tell When Your Favorite Gay Bar Is Turning Straight

Patrons of the gay pub King William IV in London are worried their favorite watering hole, which has been serving beer to ‘mos since the 1930s, is ditching its gay roots in favor of attracting a more broad (read: straighter) clientele. What could’ve given it away? Maybe it was when the bar (known as “The Willie” to locals) terminated sponsorship of a gay pride float. Or the abrupt end to drag queen game night. Or the absence of the local gay rags usually stocked inside. Or, uh, the rainbow flag hanging outside that’s gone missing. The first hint of any gay venue trying to push its gay clientele out the door, however, rests in the drink menu: fewer than six drinks on the cocktail list that end with “-tini” means your bar is going breeder.

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  • GrammarQueen

    “means you’re bar is”

    Oh dear.
    Once again, it’s YOUR.
    YOU’RE is a contraction of YOU ARE.

    This is something that should have been learned in about third grade.

  • divkid

    it’s a long list. top of my head..uh…
    man-made fibre to natural-fibre ratio goes up (bri-nylon anyone?)..
    hair cuts get worse..
    increasingly having to wade through piss on the bathroom floor;
    (however you could have accidentally wandered into a lesbian establishment : P)

    oh it goes on and on……

  • tavdy79

    @ divkid, all of those could be due to an increase in lesbian activity.

  • Cam

    As soon as they have a hoard of college girls in there for the cheap drinks, they of course are followed by the college guys trying to hook up with the drunk girls.

  • P

    Just FYI: that picture isn’t the King William IV – here it is:

    (I live down the road, and gay or not – their burger is phenomenal)

  • Jason

    Well I know many gay people who can’t stand “drag nights” or cocktails (and would prefer a bog-standard pint) and who would go to gay clubs if it wasn’t for the god-awful music…..
    Not EVERY gay person is a “friend of Dorothy” & it’s annoying to be lumped in with those that are. Just sayin’…

  • Mike UK

    all the bars on Canal Street in Manchester UK welcome straights but three bars are men only, there was a problem with hen nites (bachelorette parties) literally invading the place on a weekend, nearly all the bars have barred hen nites as they were losing money and attracting large groups of straight guys hoping for a quick shag and a fumble with the girls!

    I think if a “gay” bar is no longer gay then it must be for a reason, gay men are notoriously fickle and if a new bar opens their allegiance soon changes!

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