How To Tell Your Loved One He Doesn’t Look Good In Spandex

I once dated a guy who insisted on wearing a shell necklace. Or didn’t so much insist on it as he did just forgot not to wear it. Every day. I solved that problem like so: by breaking up with him. Four months later. So I can totally relate to the trouble Mitch had on last night’s Modern Family, conniving with his sister to put it delicately that Cam does not look good in bike shorts.

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  • Fitz

    lol, I guess that I am lucky and cursed… my partner has ZERO problems with letting me know when my choice isn’t working.

  • adman

    My partner looks so damn sexy in his spandex it’s crazy..stocky, shapely legs, bubble butt, and can’t forget the box he’s gifted with. I loathe it when people drag spandex/speedo wearers down, because a few of them don’t look so good. So what? Wait for it, and he will come, lol. Personally spandex does me no good, I have Muay Thai for cardio and I hate roadwork, unlike the partner, so meh. BUT, I live in speedos in the summer around the house. That’s almost what being gay is for, ferchrissakes.

  • Soupy

    My partner and I laughed, but more about the back hair shaving.

  • i_dunno_but

    Lotsa people SHOULD wear spandex. Those that shouldn’t are the ones who would have to spell it as spaaaaaaaaaaaandex – and there are many… just go to a beach in South Florida during the winter months and you’ll see what I mean!

  • Hyhybt

    Why would you break up with someone just for wearing a shell necklace?

  • Mattybear

    Yeah. I hope he didn’t break up just because of the necklace. That would be extremely shallow. I mean there are a lot of worse things the bf could have done or worn. But a shell necklace?!????

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