How to Turn That Marriage Frown Upside Down


Aw, gays, always getting sad about their 0-31 record in gay marriage. But your ability to get homo-hitched doesn’t have to be the only goal in your civil rights fight. Especially if it’s distracting you from some real gains being made across the country.

New York, Washington, and California (and the lawmaking in D.C.) are all home to other recent wins, from health benefits for the same-sex spouses of federal employees to out-of-stage recognition of marriage when it comes to granting spousal benefits.

Well, that’s the Washington Post‘s way of trying to inject some holiday cheer. Did it work?

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One Comment

  • San Francisco Treat

    It’s actually 1-31 because the other side overreached in AZ the first time around. To answer your question – YES it is cheering that our movement has victories now and again even if we haven’t smashed heteronormative law in this country into the dust it deserves to be. Why is that cheering? Because, Queerty, that’s called progress. We may not be at the tipping point just yet – but these victories establish that we are damn close. I am cheerful because rights parity is just starting to be visible on the horizon and I believe I will see it in my lifetime, something I did not always believe.

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