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How To Win A Date With Tyler Oakley


Famous YouTuber Tyler Oakley is auctioning off his date-auction virginity to help raise money for The Trevor Project. So far, Oakley has raised over $450,000 to the LGBT youth suicide prevention hotline. The fundraiser is ending this weekend, so be sure to pitch in and help him raise his goal. Every donation will be entered to win a hot date with Oakley in Los Angeles.

We talked to the pint-sized power gay about how he deals with stalkers, whether we’ll see his “cock in a sock” and what’s stopping him from just taking that $450k and disappearing to an undisclosed island in the Bahamas.

I think I’ve heard about Trevor Project but why do they need so much money?
Somewhere, someone right now is feeling isolated, alone, and like they have nobody to talk to. The Trevor Project is an organization providing a safe, confidential, and free resource for those who needs a listening ear. With every donation The Trevor Project is able to provide the most effective and up to date resources and training for its volunteers, all with the goal of supporting LGBT youth.

What would happen if you were to take all that money and move to an undisclosed island in the Bahamas only to never be heard from again?
I wouldn’t have to read the inevitably negative comments on this Queerty post. Scroll down… you’ll see what I mean.

You’re in such a charitable spirit recently. Did you considering putting your “cock in a sock” for cancer awareness?
Not only do I support this campaign, but I’ve already gone as far as mailing socks to every one of my celebrity crushes. Zac Efron, check your P.O. Box.

You have millions of followers. What’s the scariest stalker you’ve ever had to deal with?
I put my mom in one video and now she won’t stop calling.

Let’s say the internet was never invented, what would your dream job be?
If the Internet was never invented my dream job would be inventing the Internet.

When is the 5AwesomeGays reunion happening? Do you still keep in touch with your former cast mates?
Well, Korey (Tuesday of 5AwesomeGays) just moved to L.A. and is now my neighbor… so you never know.

Who are five new awesome YouTube gays we should be obsessed with?
Hannah HartTroye SivanMiles JaiLohanthonyBen J Pierce

Davey Wavey is in a new show about guys going on online dates. What’s the dumbest reality TV show idea anyone’s ever pitched to you?
I’m genuinely excited for Davey’s show, he and I have become good friends! Unfortunately, the offers I’ve received are so dumb that they don’t deserve the free promo I’d be giving them… you know who you are and you know what you did.

Besides donating to your Trevor Project fundraiser, how else may a Queerty reader win a date with you?
Go listen to Shania Twain’s classic song “Any Man of Mine” and take note.

Are there any relationship deal breakers admirers should be aware of? What’s the worst pick up line you’ve ever heard?
Open mouth chewers and slow walkers are both pretty terrible. The worst pickup line I’ve ever heard would have to be “Are you Tyler Oakley?”

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  • KM201

    “I wouldn’t have to read the inevitably negative comments on this Queerty post. Scroll down… you’ll see what I mean.”

    I scrolled down. There are no comments. I think that says more than anything else. ;)

  • crowebobby

    “Mom Scariest Stalker” is Oakley gold! As is “Harry Styles Retweeted Me.” His sites (and all the others) are getting too much like Online Shopping Channels, but when he’s funny, he’s very funny.

  • gauty


  • Luckie

    Tyler Oakley is not only generous, but is also one of the best roll models for young LGBT people. Tyler not only shows young people that it’s OK to be gay, but that it’s OK to share your experience with others. Hiding who you truly are is dangerous to your health. All young people would be well served to live their lives as openly and honestly as Tyler Oakley. And have as much fun while you’re at it.

  • Luckie

    and oh by the way if I were only a few years younger.

  • rcblue73

    Korey — Now THAT’S a cutie pie.

  • jake3614

    Uh, no. Tyler’s worked for the “Trevor Project” now for 5-ish years. He interned/s there and volunteers a lot. But, outside that his channel and ways are not what reality is. Not all young people would do well by watching Oakley because, as he’s spoken about I believe twice, you could be klled by being yourself. Great reference to this is Tennessee’s new law.
    Oakley is just a rider of the youtube community that picked and oddly selected him to be the “gay voice”, considering he use to apart of a 5 person channel. He has an ego the size of Beyonce and is as more vapid and derranged than Lady Gaga. He is the gay Taylor Swift.

    But please, click on his videos, give him more money and keep supporting him. If he was TRULY into the Trevor Project, he himself would donate $500k. LORD knows he definitely has the cash to do so.

  • Aaron

    No, thank you. I’d rather just donate directly to the Trevor Project.

  • Luckie

    @jake3614: How much have you raised for The Trevor Project? You seem a bit bitter over Tyler’s success. ????

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