How Twilight Is Scamming Gay Audiences With Faux Jacob-Edward Titillation

THE SHOT — Marketers for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse conveniently Photoshopped out Kirsten Stewart’s Bella from this shot, uploaded it to the film’s EPK (electronic press kit), and, presumably, hoped the press would jump all over the intimate gay-ish scene between Taylor Lautner and Bob Pattinson. As if the entertainment media need any nudging.

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  • Alexandria

    It doesn’t really look homoerotic to me; even just barely knowing about the love triangle, I assumed they were about to punch each other out.

  • JJ

    Why in the world would gays go to see these films in the first place?

  • J

    His name is “ROBERT”, Rob for short not “bob”.

  • Bobert

    I think Taylor is adorable and he reminds me of myslef when I talk..

  • Rob

    They really could be having wild sex on screen and I still wouldn’t go see this piece of shit. Anyone who seriously thinks these movies are about gay love should be slapped.

  • Revemupman

    This movie only caters to pre-pubescent little girls in fantasy land.

  • Shade

    @Revemupman: You have clearly never been to the Castro theater’s sing-a-long version of The Little Mermaid or you would know just how many mo’s love them some pre-pubescent fantasy land.

  • TommyOC

    I’m sorry… but why does it seem like I’m the only one who doesn’t find Robert Pattinson NOT cute in any which way, shape, or form?



    “the press would jump all over the intimate gay-ish scene between Taylor Lautner and Bob Pattinson.”

    They certainly would…………… :-p

  • Republican


    How dare you speak of The Little Mermaid that way! Blasphemer!

    *Starts singing Fathoms Below*


    @J: So I’m guessin’ then we also can’t go with “Tay”? :-p

  • ron

    I’m right there with you! I think that Taylor is much better looking. Either way, they’re about 30 years too young for me. I just don’t get the unwashed dishevelled look a lot of these young ‘uns sport. Just sayin’…….

  • TommyOC

    @ron: It’s more about Pattinson’s hairstyle that does it for me. His face is flat, on all sides, his nose to “jutty,” and his forehead is too large a slightly sloped. Those are features I don’t care much for and his hair only serves to emphasize them and make them worse.

    And his mouth. There’s just something not attractive about its shape.

    Mind you, I’m no spring chicken, and plenty of others aren’t either, but I can usually find one good thing to remark about someone’s attractiveness… and not to be snarky, but I can’t find a single one I’d honestly admit in regards to Robert Pattinson.

    (Oh, and on my first post, I apologize for the double-negative. It was unintended. :-D)

  • Dollie

    I was truly hoping they’d slip a *little actual homoeroticism* into the film… the audience is so young (and conservative!), it would be a little eye opening and fabulous!

    However, even if that fell into place, you couldn’t pay me enough to see these movies. Not happening.

  • Phil

    I agree, I do not find Robert Pattinson attractive. He’s not just pale, he’s pasty. His hair looks like he hasn’t washed it in weeks and works at a grease factory. His forehead is quite large and the extra height from the hair doesn’t help that. Also, when he smiles he looks like a condescending twit. Yes, I would kick him outta bed.

    Taylor Lautner is attractive but he’s so ubiquitous. He looks like any other mixed race 3% BF gym bunny. I guess he’s lucky in that he has mixed looks without having necessarily having mixed heritage though? Still, kids like him are a dime a dozen. He in particular is loved because he’s in Twilight and Twilight fans are so enthusiastic. (So are Bieber fans, I guess.)

  • Hilarious

    @Phil: What the hell is all that “mixed” drivel you’re going on about supposed to mean?

  • Homer

    Bob, ha ha,LOL!

  • Klarth

    This is kind of funny. I can’t see anyone going to the films that didn’t read the books, and it’s pretty obvious in the books that there is no Jacob/Edward. Thanks to Meyer’s Mormonism, there are no LGBTs anywhere in the series (or minorities besides the La Push Reservation Native Americans, who live physically distant from Forks, and don’t even attend school with them.) So yeah…no slash.

    I can’t imagine someone seeing this and being tricked into going.

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