How Well Do You Know The Gay Hanky Code?

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 9.11.37 AMIn this homage/mockery of the ’70s gay hanky code, we get a refresher course on what certain colors broadcast about someone’s sexual proclivities.

Green means you work hard for the money, black lets people know S&M is on the table, yellow is, well, everyone knows what yellow is.

But then the extra from Al Pacino’s Cruising goes into a few lesser-knowns — plaid, for instance, means “you’re looking to take it slow and not jump into anything too soon because you’re looking for a long term relationship built on love and trust.”

In case you’re looking for an actual hanky lesson, there’s a very informative Wikipedia page for it.

Here’s the video, which we guess is supposed to be funny but doesn’t quite seem to hit the mark:

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