How Will GA Republican Gov. Candidate Karen Handel Defend Herself About Teaching The Gay to Teens?

Karen Handel, Georgia’s former secretary of state and governor hopeful, keeps getting slammed with claims from opponents that she’s too pro-gay. Which is a shame, because Handel wants everyone to know she hates homosexuals so much she never wants to see them married or have domestic partnership benefits or adopt kids. Isn’t that enough?!

Last time we saw Handel’s alleged pro-gay claims in political messaging, she was accused in mailers from John Oxendine that she donated money to the Log Cabin Republicans, so clearly she loves queers. Now fellow opponent Nathan Deal, who’s facing Handel in a run-off election, is out with the above smear ad, which says Handel used tax dollars to teach teenagers about anal sex, or something ridiculous. Snaps for making this feel all “Gathering Storm”!