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Howard Bragman Is Booking May 5’s Big Gay Celebrity Coming Out – Anonymously

The Most Important Coming Out Ever Of May Fifth will happen on May 5th. This May 5th. There will never be a more important celebrity coming out to happen on that day. If you are a mere civilian and planned to use Cinco De Mayo to come out, don’t, it’s already been taken. Spoon-fed to the media by Howard Bragman, this big reveal will take place on The View, People, and even on the Ben & Dave’s Six Pack podcast show of Queerty cadets Dave Rubin and Ben Harvey. And while nobody can say with any confidence who this person is — besides it being, reportedly, a lady type, or at least someone who uses lady pronouns — this person is being booked around town without show hosts even knowing the identity of their famous guest.

Yes, Bragman is booking his star client without telling booking producers who this person is. Naturally, everyone wants in on the story, so they’re agreeing — and by May 5, they’ll all know who’s coming on their show. We’re hearing producers at The View have agreed to the arrangement, as have Rubin and Harvey, and Larry King Live is reportedly on board.

It’s an interesting scenario, since most celebs are “pushed” out of the closet by paparazzi or gossipy blogs (like ours?) and jump to get in front of the story. This time, however, the coming out is being teased, making it a much bigger story. Of course, we’re all expecting the celeb who does come out to be somebody we’ve all known about for quite some time, which means no surprises and only eye rolls. But hey, it’ll be another openly gay celeb, and that’s something!

Good money is on a female singer like Kelly Clarkson or Queen Latifah. And while common wisdom might suggest “Just go look at Bragman’s client list,” that’s a farce, since Bragman takes on many clients for special projects, like crisis management — or coming out — and may not maintain them as regulars. But for what it’s worth, here’s who he’s currently listed as repping:

Laila Ali
Meredith Baxter
Chaz Bono
Leeza Gibbons
Peter Guber
Ricki Lake
Carlos Mencia
Harold Perrineau
Jeanne Philips
Cathy Schulman
Steve Tisch
Isaiah Washington

Haha. Maybe “faggot” talker Isaiah Washington is about to make his big reveal?

Meanwhile, another blind item — using the “he” word — claims the celeb who is making May 5 his big day is kindly requesting other gay famous persons looking to come out around that date hold off so he can have his thunder. “We personally think that he should spend more time fixing his own mess of a life rather than calculating how much publicity he can get for disclosing things everyone already knew,” relays BlindGossip. How dare they talk about JC Chasez that way!

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  • Cam

    Siiigh, I’m betting it will be something like Megan Fox saying “Once when I was in college I kissed another girl….now please go buy tickets to my upcoming movie!”.

  • Luke

    What would be more amusing is if someone made all this fuss just to say they’re straight. That would be amusing.


    We may as well pretend its May 6th and just start posting “what a freaking waste of everyone’s time” or “big freaking non-suprise!”………….

  • Marcus

    I’m starting to suspect that whomever this is–they want to court attention for coming out.

    It’s funny–Ricky Martin just released a statement on his website, and it made news around the world.

    I guess that isn’t enough publicity for our May 5th Gay, is it?

    Whatevs, welcome to the club.

  • Steve

    I’ve lost interest already. Is this a coming out or another comeback stunt?

  • The Milkman

    God, I so don’t care anymore.

  • Jane

    BARRY MANILOW?????????

  • Jane

    is it barry manilow????

  • Baxter

    Is it too early to start wishing that this “celebrity” would go back in the closet?

  • Cam

    #3 and #9

    LOL!!!!! yes you both sound cynical….and I’m thinking that you may both be absolutly right.

  • JP

    Really Chaz Bono really

  • fredo777

    I predict that it will be Howard Bragman coming out as straight.

  • FreddyMertz

    @The Milkman: I second that.

  • Scott

    Jodie Foster? Is Barack Obama a celebrity?

  • niles

    Richard Simmons – I always had my suspicions about that guy.

  • Max E. Padd

    Betty White


    @JP: Good catch! Lets see, Chaz has stated that he and his female partner are “just like any other straight couple now”. So I guess he would have to renounce that announcement and renounce that he is not straight and announce he is into dudes?????? *very confused*

  • Dawson

    Please be James Franco or Emile Hirsh.

  • BobP

    Merv Griffin

  • james_in_cambridge

    James Franco? No way…it’s gonna be some z-list nobody, like JC Chasez. If it’s a woman, I’m gonna care even less (not to sound sexist but I just don’t fantasize about female celebrities). I will bet $100 with anyone that it’s gonna be somebody obvious like Johnny Weir or some d-list nobody. Any takers?? :)

    And James Franco is straight…just because some actor is confident enough in his heterosexuality to be an advocate for us doesn’t make him gay.


    Pleezzzee when you bacsically have the reincarnation of PT Barnum booking a circus of media events, its someone who is desparate to regain what probably was not much celebrity to begin with……….

    Bet the majority of the bookers on the shows once the identity of this Mysteryhomo is revealed will suddenly be informing them that “the show has run long, but we’ll be sure to re-book you real soon”………..

  • carsen tyler

    BARRY MANILOW! I hope so just to see my mom’s reaction.

  • WalkderDC

    It will be somebody like Riky Martin. Somebody who hasn’t had a career in years and is now trying to come out to get some attention. Glad to have anybody come out, but it would be nice if it was somebody who has actually been in the magazines in the last year.

  • randy

    It’s sad but true: women coming out as lesbian just doesn’t have the impact that a man does. Hell, lots of straight guys think it’s hot when a woman comes out. When it’s a guy, and a real crotch grabbing, ball playing tough red neck comes out, the one who blows away all the stereotypes — THAT”s news. Ricky Martin, not so much.

    So I hope the gay guy is whoever the current football or basketball hero is, and that he comes out as a big ole queen.

  • JamesStone

    I wish Anderson Cooper would finally come out..

  • barry

    WalkderDC, Ricky Martin has a had an extremely consistent and successful career in Latin-American countries and was still one of the biggest stars in Latin music before he went on hiatus in 2007 to raise his sons. He picked up quite a few Latin-Grammys that year and had a huge concert tour and got his won star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. He is still quite a huge star in Latin America.

  • hephaestion

    Jessie Godderz?

  • latebrosus

    Jesse L. Martin? Will Shortz?

  • rodrigo

    Can it please be Zac Effron? Am I aiming too high?

  • Dick

    a lady type, or at least someone who uses lady pronouns

    read the clue folks. Queen Latifa

  • hephaestion

    Aretha Franklin? Beyonce?

  • niles

    Please not Johnny Weir – everyone’s just going to laugh.

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    Well, I will tune in. Either someone interesting is coming out or some producers are gonna get fired for booking a has been. Some of me still thinks this is a Kathy Griffin stunt.

  • David Ehrenstein

    @Dawson: Oh I am SO with you on that, Dawson!

    I’ve met them both and they’re Babe-a-liciousness personified.

  • David Ehrenstein

    @JamesStone: So do I. I’m starting to get really annoyed. Especially after he toted Ben around at the Oscar parties (as reported here with pictures to prove it.)

  • AlwaysGay

    I just hope this person is prepared for life as a openly gay person.

  • Marc

    @WalkderDC: Ricky Martin took a break to have and raise kids, born in August 2008.

  • jason

    Please, not another female. I’ve had it with females getting preferential treatment and all the glory. Females have never had it as bad as men, either legally or culturally. Yes, they have suffered, but nowhere near as much.

    Consider these facts:

    1. Anti-homosexual laws were aimed mainly at men, not women. In Queen Victoria’s time, laws were enacted against male homosexual behavior, not female homosexual behavior. In modern Singapore, male homosexuality is banned but female homosexuality is allowed.

    2. Society has a bisexual double standard. This is reflected in the fact that the porn industry, the entertainmnet industry and the mainstream media all consider female bisexuality to be “hot”. When the subject of male bisexuality comes up, all these organizations run a million miles to avoid discussing it. Alternatively they demonize it.

    Women exploit the bisexual double standard in order to get preferential treatment. Don’t let them get away with it.

    All in all, if Bragman’s subject is a female, I’ll just emit a big yawn and tell Bragman to fuck off.

  • Sammi

    According to twitter, cherrygrrl.com claims they know who it is and interviewed them. I think that means its a girl. My guess is Queen Latifah.

  • AlanReeser

    Janet Reno.

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    Well, Queen Latifah would not be a surprise. Even my friends who didn’t know Ricky Martin or Anderson Cooper are gay, know about her. I mean- bo-RING. Please let me someone interesting. Please let it be someone interesting!

  • ossurworld

    Liberace. He’s coming out…of the grave.

  • Alexander

    Jodie Foster?

  • jason

    This has got marketing ploy written all over it. How much is Bragman receiving for it?

  • merkin

    As an entertainment journalist, Im really dubious of the claim that shows like The View and Larry King are booking this person without knowing who it is. Maybe the hosts are being kept in the dark, but no producer would book a guest blindly. Who wants to wind up with Kristy McNichol on their show in 2010?

  • fredo777

    if it really is a woman…boring.

  • Thomas

    I think it is Jeremy Renner.

  • joe

    Its TUC Watkins!
    But you didnt hear from Me.
    Nuff Said!


    Condie Rice- she has Lilith Fair, Down Low sista, pink taco stank about her!

  • CondeNasty

    I would love for it to be Jodi, but I have heard from PR types that it is Queen Latifa.

  • tjr101

    Justin Timberlake,….I can dream!

  • Prince

    Evan Lysacek

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    @Thomas: Jeremy Renner would be a great coming out story given his career trajectory right now.

  • Alexander

    Jay-Z :D ha-ha

  • Blake J

    This whole hype drama is doing more damage than good.

    Totally enforcing the perception that coming out is a pathetic grab for attention.

    If it is suppose to be a big deal on the coming out spectrum, it will have to be a man.

    No offense to woman, but it does not provide the same impact for moving the fight for equality further along.

  • Jayson

    Janet Jackson?

  • Ricky

    @ Marc, yea… well, apparently starting a family pushes a star into the ranks of “has-been”. I was a fan then, and am still a fan. I’m hopeful that he will release another album but I respect the fact that family should come first.

  • Ricky

    I’m shocked that no one is mentioning the obvious candidate: Spencer Pratt. This kind of stunt seems right up his alley.

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    Who are some of these people, a la Spencer Pratt, that posters seem to think we should know?

    Second, Ricky Martin fans give it a rest. Whatever the status of his career right now, there is no plausible way for you to argue Martin is at the zenith of his career versus when Barbara Walters asked about his sexual orientation.


    @Ricky: He is already a lesbian……….. :-p

  • Ricky

    @D’oh, The Magnificent: @ D’oh, Spencer Pratt’s reference on the list is merely a joke as he is an attention whore (as is his wife, Heidi… the new Barbie Doll) and my suggesting him was merely implying that this whole “I’ll be comming out on the 5th of May” is nothing more than a media stunt intended to fuel the dying embers of someon’e popularity. If you do not know of Spencer and Heidi, consider yourself lucky. :)

    P.S – I love Ricky Martin’s music, am a fan and always will be a fan… unless he starts dating Perez Hilton… then, well… I may have to reconsider my stance. ;)

  • Scottie

    YAWN….I bet money there is NO big celebrity coming out on May 5th. These stories are nothing but just silly gossip and wishful thinking. I can’t wait for May 6th to roll around so I can see I told you so. Boring. We’ve been down this road so many times yet people still fall for the old bait and switch.

  • Sam

    @jason: “Females have never had it as bad as men, either legally or culturally. Yes, they have suffered, but nowhere near as much.”

    Are you brain dead AND illiterate? If you think for one second that women “have never had it as bad as men,” then you have obviously know nothing about history, religion, business or modern society. How seriously moronic can you be to make this statement?

  • Barry

    @D’oh, The Magnificent: I was actually responding to the user who thought that Ricky Martin hadn’t had a career in years and was just trying to get attention for himself and I was correcting him. His career isn’t what it used to be, you’re right but to say that he has had no career left for years is absolutely untrue. The world does not end in America and there are many big stars in other countries that aren’t so hot in America but that doesn’t make them “nobodys” or “hasbeens” (like Kylie Minouge). The man took time off to raise his family. Geez.

  • Lamar

    It had better be a man, enough with women taking center stage when it comes to sexuality. Also Sam, Jason has a point, men have suffered and still suffer in many ways that are not addressed such as compulsary military service for men not women in many countries or 9 out of 10 chance that children will given to women in a divorce.

  • mark

    Wouldn’t choosing Cinco de Mayo seem to imply a [email protected]?

  • Cam

    No. 65 · Barry
    @D’oh, The Magnificent: I was actually responding to the user who thought that Ricky Martin hadn’t had a career in years and was just trying to get attention for himself…The world does not end in America and there are many big stars in other countries that aren’t so hot in America but that doesn’t make them “nobodys” or “hasbeens” (like Kylie Minouge). The man took time off to raise his family. Geez.

    Yes, but this person who is coming out is doing the rounds of American talk shows. That would seem to indicate it is somebody that is familiar to the American public. Ricky Martin hasn’t had a hit here in approximately a decade. And your point about Kylie is well taken…it would be the same thing as if somebody like her was going to come out…she wouldn’t be doing the rounds of U.S. talk shows to annouce it, she would be doing them in England or Australia.

  • Shade

    Guys… please stop saying you don’t care if it’s a woman. We get the spotlight way more than the girls do and then we always act like we don’t because they have Ellen and Melissa Etheridge. When Ricky Martin came out I didn’t see any lesbians post “I am so tired of all these queens – where is Alicia Keys already!”

  • Dude

    How about Toni Braxton. She hasn’t been in the spotlight much, has just released a new album and my many friends who are beautiful brothers (some straight) have always said that she liked women…

  • Ricky

    @Cam: actually, “I Don’t Care” featuring Fat Joe and Amerie was a hit in the states and that was back in 2006, I believe, as I was close to getting out of the military when that song came out. Your aproximation is just a little off… just a smidge. :)

  • glennmcgahee

    Kenny Chesney is tired of hiding out on his island probably.

  • Ricky

    @Shade: I personally could care less if it is a man or woman, doing it this way seems wrong to me… but perhaps, if done right it could be a good thing. Alicia Keys would be great. Queen Latifa would kind of be anti-climatic. Toni Braxton kind-a-sort-a makes sense as her album drops that week… which I am eagerly anticipating!

  • Jon (there are others)

    It should be Apolo Ohno. . .just sayin.

  • Superman

    Henry Cavill turns 27 on May 5th. I’d explode if he came out. Happy birthday, Henry!

  • Cam

    No. 69 · Shade
    Guys… please stop saying you don’t care if it’s a woman. We get the spotlight way more than the girls do and then we always act like we don’t because they have Ellen and Melissa Etheridge.

    Personally I don’t care if it is a man or a woman…but lets see, formerly very popular talk show host Rosie O’Donnell was an out lesbian her last season. Ellen Degenerous is currently one of the most popular talk show hosts in the coutry and a judge on the most popular show in the nation. i’m curious, just where are the gay guys getting all this attention in the straight press?

  • Drew

    I’m pretty sure its Meredith Baxter. She has recently come out on the low. And this guy reps her.

  • Shade


    The straight press has always been kind to: Neil Patrick Harris, Michael Urie, Tim Gunn, Lance Bass, T.R. Knight, Elton John, Bruce Vilanch, Rupaul, John Barrowman, Nathan Lane, and a whole host of mo’s who have been out in and out of the spotlight.

    And has anyone guessed Jodie Foster yet?

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    Man versus woman?

    I think it only matters with regard to the public image of gay men versus lesbians. There is, unfortunately, a belief that lesbians (due to the fantasies of straight men who think of being lesbian as being a part of their sexual fantasy) are more acceptable than gay men. That’s just the pop culture element. I also find women more accepting of lesbians, but I think that comes out of affection between women being more acceptable in this culture.

    So, while it does not matter to me personally, and either is great, the reality is that I think a gay man coming out would be better in our culture regarding how the more gay men come out, the more that gay men are accepted versus the fact I think women have less of a distance to go in terms of acceptability. But that’s only marginally so. Because the straight public’s reason for acceptance is often bad as I mentioned of straight men above.

  • Cam

    No. 78 · Shade

    The straight press has always been kind to: Neil Patrick Harris, Michael Urie, Tim Gunn, Lance Bass, T.R. Knight, Elton John, Bruce Vilanch, Rupaul, John Barrowman, Nathan Lane, and a whole host of mo’s who have been out in and out of the spotlight.

    Being kind to Rupaul and Michael Urie and doing interviews ith Neil Patrick Harris are not quiet the same as having Melissa Etheridge be a questioner at a presidential debate, or having two of the most popular talk show hosts in the last 20 years be lesbians. I think trying to turn this into a “Men/Women” thing is ridiculous.

    As for the premise of the article, there is NO WAY IN HELL, that Barbara Walters is going to book somebody on the view for a story like this and NOT know who they were. She had to do research etc… NO talk show is going to book a person like this and just take the word of some publicists that it will be worth it.

  • fredo777

    @D’oh, The Magnificent: “Who are some of these people, a la Spencer Pratt, that posters seem to think we should know?”

    Noone seems to think you should know anyone. Either you know them or you don’t. I, for one, happen to know who he is.

  • fredo777

    To clarify my earlier comment, I am not unsupportive of a lesbian coming out, but I have to admit that a shallow part of me (which I’m clearly not alone in feeling) wants it to be a male celebrity that I find somewhat attractive. More visibility? Great. More visibility + another person I find attractive in the dating pool? Even better.

  • jason

    I am fed up with mainstream culture’s acceptance of lesbians/bi women over gay/bi men. Absolutely fed up with it. Therefore, I won’t be celebrating May 5 if it’s a woman who’s coming out.

    Think about it. Women who have come out have had the front page of TIME (Ellen) and all sorts of other prominent coverage in the mainstream media, including People magazine. When it comes to men, however, it’s usually a match box-size picture in the corner of page 30 along with 2 small paragraphs.

    As far as I’m concerned, it reflects a social and media double standard. Women have exploited the double standard for reasons that are not noble or good for the GLBT cause.

  • Franco

    Who sets a date to come out? Just do it.

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    @fredo777: Well, if no one thinks we should know them, they should say who they are since anyone of us can name our third grade teacher as a response.

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    @jason: Yes, there’s a double standard. Not sure how that’s the fault of women. That’s an issue of our society. On other hand, when it comes to power behind the scenes in Hollywood, men hold a lot more power. So who is really at fault? I think the double standard has more to do with who is in charge behind the scenes.

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    @jason: By the way, let you in a story. I know a guy who is a filmmaker. I mentioned an idea for a gay movie. He had just got through watching Bound. Whereas he was okay with Bound, he had a problem with the gay movie about men. That’s the mentality you are dealing with.

  • jason

    @D’oh, The Magnificent:

    But it’s women who exploit the double standard. Women contribute to it.

  • Danny

    Perhaps this person is being booked for shows like LKL and The View because his/her coming out will be very controversial. It’s a form of damage control.

  • kris48239

    It’s OPRAH!!

  • Ricky

    @D’oh, The Magnificent: forgive me for not taking into account that there may have been some people out there who have not been hit by the Heidi-and-Spencer-tag-team wave. The delightflly trashy duo has been interviewed to hell and back, featured on countless magazines… heidi even on People making her debut as a life-size Barbie doll. It is not my job to inform you of who so-and-so is… if you’re curious, look the name up. (Besides, if I had to explain who it was… the little “jab” would have been pointless… those who know who I was referencing got what I was trying to say… those that didn’t were either like you… a butt… or just continued on reading, unfazed1) If you really don’t care, as your snarky tone suggests, then don’t bother getting all… “we could be mentioning our third grade teachers!” If you actually did a little of your own research… y’know instead of exhibiting an annoying sense of laziness, you might actually be in the know.

    But i don’t know why why you are getting all prima-donna with others, since you could care less anyway, right?

  • fredo777

    @D’oh, The Magnificent: “Well, if no one thinks we should know them, they should say who they are since anyone of us can name our third grade teacher as a response.”

    If you don’t know who they are, google it.

  • jamison


  • petrov


  • Lazycrockett

    I hope its not Anderson Cooper, I hope he stays happily in the closet just to piss you queens off.

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    @jason: I don’t blame women for using what ever tools they have to fight in a world that questions whether they are equal. I do the same with what tools I have.

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    @jason: Let me rephrase. Straight men, especially when they want to act like little boys, look down on women when it comes to their abilities in whatever they are doing. This remains true even today. So, I am not going to fault women for using the fact that straight men think with their dicks against straight me. We are collateral. But, only because of the stupidity of straight men. Lesbians obtain an advantage, but again only because of stupid straight men who think Lesbians = man sleeps with two women. Rather than Lesbian = Not interested in the male gender. Remember, these are the same guys who will go see an Apatow film with some putz bagging a beautiful woman, and some part of them really believes, “yeah, I have that chance no matter how much of a putz I am.” I know this because I have talked to enough straight men to get these sorts of defensive responses to my pointing out that there is not a snow balls chance in hell that the guy in Knocked Up with have been in a relationship with that girl. That’s the reality.

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    Lord, just say who someone is if asked and stop bitching like little women.

  • Hilarious

    Unless it’s some uber-hot celeb who everyone wishes was gay I really don’t see the big deal.

    Brad Pitt, Will Smith, Tom Cruise, someone along those lines would be interesting…but I’m pretty sure it’ll be someone painfully obvious or a lesbian who’ll get next to no attention.

    Has anyone actually ever cared about a lesbian reveal?

  • adman

    @Hilarious: Hilarious being a total ass and all, does anyone really care?

  • stryker

    Not Kelly Clarkson.

    She’s touring in Southeast Asia from late April up to May 6.

  • Ricky

    @D’oh, The Magnificent: Spencer Pratt is Spencer Pratt… that’s who he is. LOL.

  • Cam

    No. 95 · Lazycrockett
    I hope its not Anderson Cooper, I hope he stays happily in the closet just to piss you queens off.

    The absolutly PERFECT example of when somebody’s fandom becomes a bigger part of their life then their reality.

    Not wanting something that would be good for gays across the country because gays have DARED to question your beloved’s actions. How pathetic you are.

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    @Cam: It is not just fandom. It is that there are quite a few really fucked up queer people posting at this site. Or , I should say, people claiming to be gay. I have my doubts at time that anyone can truly be this fucked in the head and actually not realize how fucked up they are.

  • ryan

    There is some big hub-bub publicity scam in the winds related to a celebrity coming out of the closet on the cover of People magazine on May 5. The poetic decision to come out on Cinco de Mayo might mean that the mystery queen or mystery dyke might need to slam a couple of margaritas, fast, which makes perfect sense. Whoever this person is that hired Howard Bragman (15 Minutes Public Relations…if that) to make a mockery of their sexual preference can only mean that they are hard up for cash! Read more at Huffington Post approved blog, IMeanWhat?!? at http://bit.ly/csYMug

  • pavement1762


  • Tommy

    OPRAH !!!

  • Jen

    Cinco de Mayo?? My mind is on Mencia……lol

  • Torque

    Barry Manilow

  • mal


  • FrancoisTrueFaux

    @james_in_cambridge: James Franco is sooooooooo not straight. Exes talk. . .

  • FrancoisTrueFaux

    @AlwaysGay: yea, seriously. part of me thinks, “oh, this is some z-lister that’s really just trying to drum up publicity for their memoir/VH1 reality show/etc.” but if you really think about it, this is a really big step, a very calculated chain of events for someone to come out so, a huge spectacle that’s built up to take place. that sort of preparation kinda leads me to believe that this is someone HUGE in the public eye, that has already been under strict scrutiny, and that this coming out will be monumental.

    or it could be johnny weir.

  • Caleb

    I’m thinking May 5th is a red herring, probably picked because that is when People goes to publication and it would be impossible to keep under wraps after that. That said, Rush Limbaugh, welcome to The Club, you sweet bitch!

  • fredo777

    hell, it might actually be JC Chasez. who knows?

  • Tony

    I hope it’s a lesbian…or if it’s a man, then I hope he’s over 60 with 30 extra pounds and a balding head. Just to piss you selfish, shallow queens off about not having some young, hot male star to “claim” or “fantasize about”.

  • Ronbolina

    Ronald “Fuckin” Reagan – SWEET (The asshat Prez, not the fey youngun)

  • Mink

    LOL my Tivo says Judge Judy is slated to appear that day….no surprise there.

  • jason

    It’ll probably be some Tila Tequila-style female who’s in a relationship with a man behind the scenes. She will go on air dressed in a revealing dress and tell everyone how she finds women “hot” and how she’s “kissed a girl”.

    Meanwhile, her boyfriend will be counting the cash that rolls in from the dumb-fucks who own People magazine and from gullible lesbians who think she’s the best thing since sliced bread.

    A year or so later, she and her boyfriend will get married in the Bahamas and basically disappear from public view save for the odd appearance in a reality TV show.

  • Larkan

    Who the hell is Shelby Lynne?

  • Drew

    Robin Williams, Steve Martin, Vin Diesel, Andreson Cooper, Bill Mahar…. And that’s all I have for now. <3

  • fredo777

    conan o’brien

    just look how he’s sniffing jake gyllenhaal…


    oh, AND jake gyllenhaal. maybe they’ll come out together in the interviews. woof

    after all, they’ve both had beards at one point…



    I thought it was supposed to be some random country chick?

    I hope it’s Tyler Perry, but, “Tyler Perry aint Gay” as any Black woman will tell you.

    If it’s LL Cool J, he should wait out the media storm at my house.

  • erka

    sigh, apparently it is some nobody country singer named cheryl. I guess she believes herself to be a major celebrity….

  • Seth

    I hope that YOU people that are commenting are straight because if you are gay yourselves, you sound like a bunch of nelly haters!! How dare you place such importance on who you think it should be, WHY not have some love for somebody who is helping our community, anybody that comes forward as openly gay and especially some one with so much to lose, is making us stronger!! You all want equality yet look how you speak of someone you don’t even know.

  • ewe

    Is it Alan Spector?

  • dave blayney

    it doesnt matter as long as you take it like a man!

  • dave blayney

    if there’s any lesbians out there, i’ll take you out anytime as long as i can dress in drag! no jealousy though ladies!

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