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Howard Bragman Is Booking May 5’s Big Gay Celebrity Coming Out – Anonymously

The Most Important Coming Out Ever Of May Fifth will happen on May 5th. This May 5th. There will never be a more important celebrity coming out to happen on that day. If you are a mere civilian and planned to use Cinco De Mayo to come out, don’t, it’s already been taken. Spoon-fed to the media by Howard Bragman, this big reveal will take place on The View, People, and even on the Ben & Dave’s Six Pack podcast show of Queerty cadets Dave Rubin and Ben Harvey. And while nobody can say with any confidence who this person is — besides it being, reportedly, a lady type, or at least someone who uses lady pronouns — this person is being booked around town without show hosts even knowing the identity of their famous guest.

Yes, Bragman is booking his star client without telling booking producers who this person is. Naturally, everyone wants in on the story, so they’re agreeing — and by May 5, they’ll all know who’s coming on their show. We’re hearing producers at The View have agreed to the arrangement, as have Rubin and Harvey, and Larry King Live is reportedly on board.

It’s an interesting scenario, since most celebs are “pushed” out of the closet by paparazzi or gossipy blogs (like ours?) and jump to get in front of the story. This time, however, the coming out is being teased, making it a much bigger story. Of course, we’re all expecting the celeb who does come out to be somebody we’ve all known about for quite some time, which means no surprises and only eye rolls. But hey, it’ll be another openly gay celeb, and that’s something!

Good money is on a female singer like Kelly Clarkson or Queen Latifah. And while common wisdom might suggest “Just go look at Bragman’s client list,” that’s a farce, since Bragman takes on many clients for special projects, like crisis management — or coming out — and may not maintain them as regulars. But for what it’s worth, here’s who he’s currently listed as repping:

Laila Ali
Meredith Baxter
Chaz Bono
Leeza Gibbons
Peter Guber
Ricki Lake
Carlos Mencia
Harold Perrineau
Jeanne Philips
Cathy Schulman
Steve Tisch
Isaiah Washington

Haha. Maybe “faggot” talker Isaiah Washington is about to make his big reveal?

Meanwhile, another blind item — using the “he” word — claims the celeb who is making May 5 his big day is kindly requesting other gay famous persons looking to come out around that date hold off so he can have his thunder. “We personally think that he should spend more time fixing his own mess of a life rather than calculating how much publicity he can get for disclosing things everyone already knew,” relays BlindGossip. How dare they talk about JC Chasez that way!