Howard Kurtz: Joe Biden Was Dispatched By White House To “Mollify The Gay Community”

There is absolutely no question that Biden’s response was cleared by the White House. Vice presidents are not allowed to freelance on talk shows, especially on such a sensitive issue. So Obama was sending out Biden to further mollify the gay community without having to actually take a stand himself.

It all seems a bit calculating to me…

In such a climate, the president would be asking for a headache—and possibly reignite the culture wars—if he openly embraced gay marriage. So he had Joe Biden do it on Sunday morning television instead, hoping to reap the benefits without the political pain.

The Daily Beast’s Howard Kurtz believes that Joe Biden’s groundbreaking endorsement of gay marriage on television Sunday morning was a completely political move, allowing Obama to keep slowly “evolving” on the issue while throwing the LGBT community (and our allies) a bone.