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Howard Stern asks Hillary Clinton if she’s ever had a lesbian affair

Hillary Clinton on the Howard Stern Show
Hillary Clinton on the Howard Stern Show (Photo: SiriusXM/YouTube)

Radio host Howard Stern has never been one to shy away from asking personal questions. Yesterday he got the chance to interview Hillary Clinton and got her to categorically refute allegations that some on the right have thrown in her direction for decades: Namely that she’s a lesbian.

The two were having a conversation about old flames, with Clinton talking about a man she’d been involved with just before meeting Bill Clinton.

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“He was really handsome. He was like a Greek god,” says Clinton of the man, who is now deceased.

“Really? Greek God? Listen to you,” says Stern, surprised by her enthusiasm.

Clinton giggles and fires back, “Well contrary to what you may hear, I actually like men.”

“That’s the other thing,” says Stern, sensing an opportunity. “Raise your right hand—you’ve never had a lesbian affair.”

Clinton laughs and responds: “Never! Never! Never! Never even been tempted.”

Clinton goes on to agree with Stern’s co-host, Robin Quivers, that men and women are treated differently in this respect, with female friendships with other women leading to speculation.

“Everything we do can cause suspicion, apparently,” says Clinton.

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Clinton, the former First Lady, US Senator, and Secretary of State, is currently promoting a new book she co-authored, The Book Of Gutsy Women. It was her debut appearance on Stern’s show.

She also talked about losing the election in 2016 and how difficult it was for her to attend President Trump’s inauguration. She called it, “one of the hardest days of my life!”

She refused to endorse any of the candidates who are currently running for the 2020 Democratic nomination, but said she would be supporting whoever is chosen to run for President.

“I’ll support whomever the Democratic nominee is.”

Asked what advice she would give to candidates, she returned to the subject of gossip and speculation being used against political candidates.

“If you haven’t had your personal email stolen, it will be—but I bet it already has been, it’s banked somewhere—and they will use it to try and paint a picture of you that is totally untrue. Even if it’s nothing insidious, illegal, unethical … you can twist anything.”

“They’re going to lie about you repetitively on social media—particularly Facebook—and they’re going to target people who are susceptible to that.”