Jenny Stewart Says "Yes!"

Howard Stern: Gay Hero?

While some Don Imus’ gay-baiting leaves a bad taste, sappho-journo Jenny Stewart celebrates shock jock Howard Stern’s seemingly coarse queer discourse:

Most people in the gay community — at least those not familiar with Stern, and few have bothered to familiarize themselves — believe him to be a loudmouth and a homophobe, a nothing-is-sacred Don Imus type who does nothing but make faggot jokes and exploits lesbians on air by reducing them to sexual objects.

But as a lesbian who’s been listening to Howard daily for more than 20 years, I can say that this is so not true: Just take a look beneath his shtick, and you’ll find one of the most pro-gay media personalities in the country.

Stewart points to Stern’s “glamorization” of lesbians, George Takei’s stint on the syndicated radio show, as well as his routine roasting of the Westboro Baptist Church as examples of Stern’s pro-gay agenda. For the record, we think the secret’s in his curls…