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Howard Stern Is Gonna Try Really Hard To Stop Saying ‘Fag’

Even though he uses the word, Howard Stern says “it’s starting to bother me” to hear people use the word “fag.” “I’ve tried to stop using it,” Stern says on his radio show. To the surprise of many who don’t listen to his show, Stern is actually a big gay rights supporter. He believes in marriage equality. Wants gays to be able to serve openly. And can’t stand hypocritical religious organizations that act as Bible-based bullies. The word, which Stern has uttered countless times, has also been used on-air by those in his employ. Between this and Oprah having an on-camera discussion about whether things she says might be offensive to the gays, are we suddenly entering a new era of media personalities holding themselves accountable? Well there’s always the Christian Broadcasting Network to balance us out.

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  • rf

    Howard Stern has been a strong supporter of gay equality at least since the 90s. I think he has done as much or more to bring gay people (and really every group) into the fold of society than almost anyone. The past few years in particular with people coming out right on the show and the addition of George Takei to the group, sometimes gay issues are discused for days and days. Certainly not everything they say is politically correct, and the sensitivity levels vary, but its pretty much all honest. And the one thing Howard hates the most (at least thats what it seems like) is hypocrisy because he deals with it in his professional career. That makes the religious and ignorant bigots great fodder for his show.

  • NY152

    Good for Howard! He really is a stand up guy, he’s had our backs for years. By choosing to remove that word from his vocabulary, he is setting a higher standard. Let’s hope all in the media follow his example.

  • jack e jett

    @rf: I couldn’t agree more. It is really good that we have people like Stern on our side.

  • Aaron

    What is critical about Howard’s support is that his typical audience is straight men. His acceptance and promotion of gay rights helps change the views of his audience, which in many ways may a higher proclivity towards homophobia. Therefore, it could be said that his support does a lot more to change people’s minds than someone like Ellen does, who is essentially preaching to the choir.

  • scott ny'er

    @Aaron: Interesting. Do you really think he has the power to change his audience’s views? I don’t listen to his show, so I don’t know.

  • NY152

    @scott ny’er: I think as a straight man, Howard absolutely has the power to sway the minds of his listening demographic. If one single straight man get’s an “a-ha” moment while listening to Howard and starts to look at gay people differently and begins to accept us, it’s well worth it! Howard is very secure in his own sexuality, straight men who have no hang ups with gay people normally are. Howard just rocks!

  • Shannon1981

    This is great. I realize that many women dislike Howard Stern, but I’ve always found him funny. And of course, he loves gay people! And I think he is influential enough to really help sway opinions about us amongst his largely straight male audience.

  • jason

    I never did like Stern. His acceptance of homosexuality was phony, and based on the “hot lesbian” notion that is promoted by the “straight” porn industry. It’s a phony acceptance based on titillation.

    I also thought that, by promoting this notion, he was being extremely disrespectful to the GLBT community. He was treating lesbians like a straight male entitlement thing.

    Gay and bisexual men failed to criticize Stern when he was conducting his disrespectful and patriarchal “lesbian dating shows”. This speaks volumes about gay and bi guys’ inability to think outside the box in terms of gay rights.

  • jason

    Howard Stern is pro-gay?? Yeah, right.

    It seems he’s only pro-gay if the gay person is a lesbian with long flowing hair and make-up straight out of the “straight” porn stereotype, and who makes out with other women for the benefit of pervs like Stern.

    Fuck off, Stern.

  • John

    I listen to Stern every day and have for almost 20 years. Howard is *very* pro-gay (pro-equality, in general) and is a great ally in the straight community. Go, Howard!

  • avao

    I had no idea Howad was pro gay, thats great! I used to watch his radio show on t.v. years ago, I thought it was hysterical.

    I remember one gay episode, where they had several gay men of different nationalities deep throat hot dogs,the german was my favorite :)

  • Cam

    I used to listen to Stern before he moved to Sirius, he always came off as pro-gay, in fact he used to get angry at what a hypocrite Rosie O’Donnell was for pretending to be in love with Tom Cruise, and made some comment about how insulting it was to the woman who was at home raising her children to be ignored like that.

    I was kind of surprised, but he always continued to come off as very pro-equality.

  • NateB79

    @jason: Clearly you haven’t listened to the show lately. Of course he still has on the porn stars that go both ways, but he has also had gay staff members on and treated them amazingly, he has had trans gendered guests and defended them against his listeners, he even had a porn star on there that is famous for having all the looks of a man but still a biological female. I have been listening to Howard for quite a few years. What you described was the old E show from the 90’s. You should really get up to date information, instead of throwing around your outdated info and basically looking pretty unintelligent.

  • oh snap!

    @NateB79: Awesome!

  • ewe

    Why should anyone get brownie points for treating me the way they expect to get treated? What a crock. I almost forgot all about that foul mouthed bank runner.

  • jason


    Howard Stern is a creep who promoted the notion that lesbians were designed to please sleazy straight guys. He’s a patriarchal creep of the first order.

    Howard’s guests include many female porn performers who debase the concept of same-sex rights by engaging in lesbian activities for the benefit of sleazy male perverts like Howard. These “lesbians” are digusting, filthy prostitutes who debase the concept of same-sex rights in general.

    Howard is like that bad liberal smell that seems to hang around for ages with its fake gay advocacy.

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