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Howard Stern Is Gonna Try Really Hard To Stop Saying ‘Fag’

Even though he uses the word, Howard Stern says “it’s starting to bother me” to hear people use the word “fag.” “I’ve tried to stop using it,” Stern says on his radio show. To the surprise of many who don’t listen to his show, Stern is actually a big gay rights supporter. He believes in marriage equality. Wants gays to be able to serve openly. And can’t stand hypocritical religious organizations that act as Bible-based bullies. The word, which Stern has uttered countless times, has also been used on-air by those in his employ. Between this and Oprah having an on-camera discussion about whether things she says might be offensive to the gays, are we suddenly entering a new era of media personalities holding themselves accountable? Well there’s always the Christian Broadcasting Network to balance us out.

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