How’d These 2 Dads Wind Up With a Daughter? Because Her Mother Specifically Wanted Gays to Adopt Her

When Rugburn (yes, a nickname) found herself out of a job and newly divorced, she also found herself pregnant. And while she believes in a woman’s right to choose, the choice she made was to carry her daughter to term. She also chose to give it up for adoption, but wanted her child to end up in a loving family that agreed with her “lifestyle.” Which is why she chose a couple of gays.

Patrick and Paul are the proud parents of her daughter — and they even welcomed a new addition to the family, son Paxton.

Rugburn, who works every year at Burning Man and sells her crafts online, opted for an open adoption, selecting her daughter’s new parents from a “list of hundreds of parents-to-be who share my beliefs, my lifestyle, and most of all, would treat my baby like I wished I could.”

Which is how she found Patrick and Paul, who have “been together for years, and,” she writes, “I’m pretty sure they will be for years and years to come. Patrick specialized in teen social work, and Paul is a first grade teacher. They love animals, being green, and life itself. It’s clear that this was the obvious choice. And I’m proud to say, I haven’t regretted it once. And earlier this year, they welcomed a new edition to the family, Paxton.”

Any regrets? Nah. “I gave my daughter the best life I could, and unfortunately, I knew that wasn’t with me. It has given me strength in myself to know when to let go and that it isn’t all about me. And one day (if not already), she’ll realize what a wonderful life she has. She has three dads and a mom, and the extended family from that is infinite!”

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