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Hozier Calls Out Pope Francis On Hypocrisy, Says Church Offers Excuse For Homophobia

2Ze2Vpm6This is one of the paradoxes and weird hypocrisy of that organization. The Pope came out last year and said who am I to judge with regards to somebody’s sexual orientation? But I think it is important to differentiate between lip service towards something and actually making change. I think it is hopeful, but saying this in 2015, ‘Who am I to judge?’ is something that should have been said 100 years ago. I think there’s a difference when actual doctrine changes and policy changes – but it’s still undeniably an organization that has institutionalized an aversion to homosexuality. In my view, that is why I was driven to write ‘Take Me to Church’ — I think the church provides an excuse for homophobia.”


Pop star Hozier, who has a massive hit last year with “Take Me to Church,” told Larry King that Pope Francis is a hypocrite on LGBT issues and utters pro-gay soundbites while changing little


H/t: PinkNews

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  • Tony Stokes

    That’s right, Hozier, you take him to church!

  • Brian JC Kneeland

    The pope’s “who am I to judge?” was about a gay priest and not about the rest of us (sadly)!

  • OzJosh

    It’s worse than hypocrisy. The Pope’s recent statements are totally cynical – calculated to seem compassionate and conciliatory at face value, but signifying absolutely nothing, with not the slightest hint or promise of any actual change. It’s an attempt to make the church look as though it is actually dealing with the issue, while not dealing with it at all. And it’s a way of silencing critics and the more aware churchgoers who are disquieted by the church’s discriminatory, hate-mongering stance. The only advance it represents is the Vatican moving forward into a 21st century world of media spin, rather than bluntly pontificating, as it has preferred to do for the past two thousand years. And that’s not progress.

  • Gilles Hamel

    I agree with that! The Prime minister of France sent an ambassador to Vatican and the Pope refuse him because is homosexual!

  • Daniel-Reader

    The Pope is head of a banking institution that owns property around the world. The Vatican left religion long ago.

  • o.codone

    who is hozier and why is he criticizing anybody?

  • Avery Alvarez

    He’s purrty.
    And I agree, 100%

  • Ricky Wright

    Homophobia Exposed HuffPost Gay Voices Gay Star News The Advocate magazine

  • Louis

    Wonderful attitude and ive seen the video its powerful .

  • GayEGO

    And now look at the financial scandal in the Vatican, I mean come on. The Vatican has financial crooks, pedophiles, gays, etc. they are trying to cover up? I have no respect for these people as they are such sneaky, hypocritical, enemies of humanity, spewing forth their pretentious garbage.

  • Captain Obvious

    A church known for pedophilia, stealing, closeted hypocrites, and murder can’t really offend me by choosing to hate me.

    They’re basically not worthy of my attention. Catholicism is a joke. They’re worse than Westboro.

  • RobvR

    @RobvR: Oh my, I think I should just call people morons and approach them in a completely disrespectfull way. Those reactions somehow never bother anyone because many articles have such discussions. Say something about the bible and people get so pissed off your reaction will not be placed. How very sad……. that you apparently listen to them.

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