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“HR nightmare” Kimberly Guilfoyle allegedly offered lap dances and hot tub parties to Trump donors

As Donald Trump grapples with his historic loss to Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election, many within his campaign have begun trying to figure where the hell they went wrong.

Of course, the most obvious answer is sitting in plain sight right there at the top of the ticket. But since Trump himself couldn’t possibly be the reason why he lost his reelection effort, his campaign has begun looking for other people to blame.

Many are pointing their fingers at former Fox News host/Don Jr.’s girlfriend Kimberly “The Best Is Yet To Come” Guilfoyle, who served as the campaign’s fundraising chair.

According to a new report by Politico, Guilfoyle was an “HR nightmare” during the entire campaign, underperforming when it came to her fundraising goals and making many high profile donors feel uncomfortable with her sexually aggressive behavior.

Not only did the 51-year-old allegedly crack jokes about her sex life constantly, but at one fundraiser she went so far as to offer a lap dance to whoever gave the most money, leaving many at the event “horrified.”

Politico reports:

During a December donor event at Trump Hotel in Washington, Guilfoyle offered to give a lap dance to whoever raised the most money, according to two people who were present and another person who was familiar with the episode.

And at an event in Jackson Hole, Wyo., earlier this year, Guilfoyle and the younger Trump joked about how she raised money while in hot tubs. Another attendee presented a slightly different version, saying that whoever in the audience raised the most money would be offered a hot tub party with Guilfoyle.

And at a fall 2018 fundraiser headlined by country star Toby Keith, Guilfoyle cracked that her boyfriend liked it when she dressed up as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, according to an attendee.

On top of that, Guilfoyle is being accused of running a chaotic team and treating her staff like shit, frequently berating them for not doing better at their jobs when she herself was “vastly underperforming” in nearly every way.

Of course, her team is denying everything, saying they took their roles very seriously and raised tons of money.

And as for reports about lap dances and hot tub parties, Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh said, “Kimberly Guilfoyle is an excellent fundraiser and was a highly valued asset to the President’s team. There was nothing offensive about her presentations in context.”

But the allegations jive with an exposé about Guilfoyle’s time at Fox News published by the New Yorker just last month.

Guilfoyle worked at Fox News from 2006 to 2018, during which time she was a co-host of The Five. In the summer of 2018, she abruptly left the network amid reports of sexual misconduct.

In October, the New Yorker reported:

According to a dozen well-informed sources familiar with her complaints, the assistant alleged that Guilfoyle, her direct supervisor, subjected her frequently to degrading, abusive, and sexually inappropriate behavior; among other things, she said that she was frequently required to work at Guilfoyle’s New York apartment while the Fox host displayed herself naked, and was shown photographs of the genitalia of men with whom Guilfoyle had had sexual relations.

The exposé also talked about how Guilfoyle allegedly demanded her assistant sleep over at her house, massage her bare thighs, and critique her naked body. She also allegedly talked endlessly about her sex life and encouraged the assistant to perform sexual favors for wealthy and powerful men.

Guilfoyle denied the accusations made in the exposé, insisting she has “never engaged in any workplace misconduct of any kind.”

The truth is, there are likely many, many reasons why Donald Trump lost his reelection bid, but Kimberly Guilfoyle offering lap dances probably isn’t one of them.

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