HRC Announces Complete 2011 Strategy: ‘Looking At’ Stuff

“There will be some opportunities that will be presented to us. I think that going into the 112th Congress, generally, we’ll be looking at, what are the bigger bills that will be moving that we can put pieces of pro-equality — either amendments or provisions — into those larger moving bills?” That is Human Rights Campaign legislative director Allison Herwitt, whose barely coherent statement on 2011’s LGBT equality forecast is both representative of the clusterfuck we face in the year head (HRC counts 53 more gay-unfriendly federal lawmakers than in the last Congress) and the clusterfuck we continue to face with Gay Inc. HRC, led by the incompetent Joe Solmonese, has basically given up hope of accomplishing anything for the next 12 months, which would be a sea change had HRC not given on accomplishing anything years ago. There’s a difference between scaling back expectations, and scaling back efforts.

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  • justiceontherocks


    They have an ambitious schedule of cocktail parties planned.

  • Pitou

    @justiceontherocks: LOLZ.
    Is there some way to get an online petition or something going that you can sign up for stating HRC does NOT represent you..? Because I for one am definitely not into Black tie Galas, taking it up the rear from Obama Admin. and such. Im more into Beer, a bon-fire, and givin it up the rear, Y’all. :-P

  • Jeffree

    Yowza: even the little local nonprofit up the road has a more concrete & ambitious agenda than the HRC. Scary, eh?

  • Danny

    How about they set different goals that move equality forward? Like ensuring a financially-solid GLBTA community center in every city with over 100,000 population.

  • Daez

    How can you blame HRC? Seriously!?! Wasn’t it the blogosphere that got all pissed off at Obama and responded by urging people to either not vote or vote Republican. This is an election cycle where gays threw away their own interests, and now we are going to blame HRC?

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