whale of a fail

HRC Blasts Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson For Voting Against DADT Repeal. Except, Uh, She Didn’t

Will any heads roll at the Human Rights Campaign for an email blast — to their 750,000 “members”? — claiming Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson, the Texas Democrat, voted against repealing DADT, when in fact she voted for it?

Yesterday in one of HRC’s form emails, signed by President Joe Solmonese, members are asked to “send a quick note to express your disappointment in Rep. Johnson for voting AGAINST repealing ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.'” Except she voted FOR it. Not only that, HRC has rated her 100 percent on its little scorecard thingy.

HRC spokesman Fred Sainz says a “technological glitch” is to blame for the mix up, and says Solmonese has tried calling Johnson to apologize. An correction email went out afterward, saying:

Due to an error in our email system, the message we sent you this morning incorrectly stated that Rep. Eddie Johnson voted not to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” In fact, Rep. Johnson voted FOR equality by supporting the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

We apologize deeply for this inexcusable error. Rep. Johnson has been a staunch and courageous ally in support of LGBT equality and should be commended for voting to allow lesbian and gay service members to serve their country openly.

The message you SHOULD have received is below. I hope you’ll read it and thank Rep. Johnson for standing up for equality. Once again, our sincere apologies for this mixup.

But that’s not good enough for a one James Nowlin, who is on Johnson’s re-election steering committee. HRC’s original email “kicked a true ally,” he says, adding, “Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson has been a consistent voice for human rights. She has asked for nothing in return for her leadership in human rights. Simply stated, she works for human rights because she believes in equality for all. Unfortunately, HRC’s email erroneously accusing her of voting against the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell kicked a true ally. She has been on the right side of equality issues throughout her career. She understands the importance of a united, diverse America and that rights should not just be provided for the privileged few. … HRC’s goal should be to win and keep allies, not to mistakenly sully their reputations.”

Was it an innocent mistake? Without a doubt. It’s been suggested the Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson’s name was included where Illinois’ Rep. Tim Johnson should’ve been; he did vote against repealing DADT. But whoever is crafting HRC’s emails has plenty of apologetic tidings to deliver.

And I can only imagine Brad Luna and Trevor Thomas, who both fled HRC’s communications department, are enjoying a silent giggle.