HRC Ditches Illinois’ Sorta Gay-Friendly Republican for Homo-Loving Democrat Alexi Giannoulias

If you can’t count on the Human Rights Campaign to effectively lobby lawmakers to actually effect change, at the very least you can, say, use their Corporate Equality Index to decide whether your contribution to climate change should be backed by the gay-friendly Chevron or the gay-hating ExxonMobil. And then there’s HRC’s recommendations for who you should vote for, which, with Rep. Mark Kirk, it just proved you shouldn’t really trust either.

We know HRC loves its flip-flopping. It played The 180 Game with the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, backing a trans-free version before later deciding that was a dumb idea; it only cost the organization its only trans board member.

And now HRC ss flip-flopping on its endorsement of Illinois Rep. Mark Kirk (pictured, top), the Republican Navy Reserves veteran who wants to take over Roland Burris’ U.S. Senate seat, the one vacated by now-President Obama. Instead of throwing Kirk its support, HRC is backing challenger Alexi Giannoulias (pictured, right), the Democratic state treasurer. All because Kirk voted against adding the compromised Don’t Ask Don’t Tell amendment to the Pentagon’s spending bill. Nevermind that he did vote for the spending bill, with the amendment attached, becoming one of just a select few Republicans to do so.

Kirk, who was once accused of being gay by opponent Andy Martin, originally secured HRC’s backing through his votes against Constitutional amendments banning marriage and for ENDA.

And now he’s lost it — not just because of his original position on DADT, but because Giannoulias has made the gay vote a priority, courting both local and national activist groups, as well as voters with some very bold moves; he’s also engaged in direct criticism of Kirk’s falsified military record.

And it’s paying off.

Not that Giannoulias doesn’t deserve HRC’s endorsement, or your vote. He sounds like he does!: “As the next senator from the great state of Illinois, I will lead the fight for equality — for marriage equality, for an end to DOMA, for employment non-discrimination, and for immigration reform that treats same-sex couples fairly.”

It’s just that we’re tired of turning our head from left to right every time HRC comes to regret an earlier decision. And we’re also plain exhausted from seeing HRC bow to the Democratic machine every chance it gets.

And it doesn’t hurt that Giannoulias loves his gays:

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