HRC Explains Itself, Digs Hole

Human Rights Campaign’s dirty tricks are catching up with them.

Yesterday the non-profit’s VP of policy, David Smith, went on Michelangelo Signorile’s radio show to explain why he and his peers aren’t endorsing homo-politico Jim Neal.

Smith also attempted to clear up why they’re endorsing Senator Susan Collins, a Republican who supported anti-gay judges like Sam Alito, but the group chose not to endorse Oregonian politician Gordon Smith, who has also been a gay ally…

Pam Spaulding has the audio, which we’ve included below, but here’s Signorile’s take on HRC’s “inconsistencies”:

We also talked about HRC’s support of Susan Collins, the Maine Republican who backed various antigay judges and Supreme Court justices. We worked hard on the show urging people to call Congress, fighting those nominations over the past few years — the virulently antigay Leslie Southwick, Priscilla Owen and Janice Rogers Brown, and Supreme Court justices Samuel Alito and John Roberts, all of whom Collins voted for, and William Pryor, whom Collins helped to get a vote, breaking the Democratic filibuster as a member of the Gang of 14– and it’s outrageous to see a gay group telling gay people to send money to such an individual.

But the more interesting bit of news came when we discussed Senator Gordon Smith, the Oregon Republican, who has sponsored various pro-gay measures but voted for the federal marriage amendment. David Smith said HRC would not endorse him, which seemed inconsistent: The FMA didn’t have a chance of passing, and thus that vote didn’t actually do direct harm to us, as heinous as it was. And yet the group is not endorsing this otherwise pro-gay senator but they’re endorsing Collins, who actually hurt LGBT people by getting these judges on the bench. David Smith defended HRC to the end, and after he left we took calls from listeners.

One listener, who originally identified himself only as “Terry” called in to defend HRC, but failed to disclose that he’s actually Terry Bean, an HRC board member. Could it be HRC deployed its cronies to boost public image? It sounds that way to us.

By the way, we emailed HRC media guru, Brad Luna and asked for more explanation on the Collins endorsement. He has yet to get back to us. We sure hope this gets his attention.