Technology Saves The Gay!

HRC Fundraising Inhuman

Ever wanted to know how Human Rights Campaign does business? Now’s your chance! The massively wealthy non-profit has been working with Virginia’s Service Employees International Union.

As part of their collaboration, SEIU offered HRC volunteers space on their purple bus-based phone center, which they call the “Barney Bus”. It’s very high tech:

Instead of dialing a single number at a time by yourself, you put on a headset and wait while the computer dials for you. If you’ve ever had to call down a list of phone numbers, you know that you spend most of your time either waiting for someone to pick up or talking to answering machines. Things are different on the Barney. The Barney Bus dials several numbers at once, waits for a real person to answer one of the lines, and then immediately transfers the call to you. If an answering machine picks up, the Barney leaves a message recorded by one of the campaign staffers and moves on.

So much for Human Rights Campaign.