Business Council Members Call It Quits Over ENDA

HRC Has No Trans Business

HRC got hit where it hurts today. Donna Rose and Jamison Green, the last two trans folk on the Business Council, resigned. For those of you not up on HRC’s many tentacles, the Business Council monitors gay and not-so-gay friendly businesses and tallies them in the Corporate Equality Index. HRC most recently brandished against Wal-Mart.

Former Board member Rose and Green’s resignation comes after Human Rights Campaign flip-flopped on the non-inclusive ENDA. The non-profit originally said it wouldn’t back the Employment Non-Discrimination Act without trans inclusion, then it said it would support an act that didn’t include trans folk, and then it backstabbed and supported the measure. People were not pleased, not least of all Rose and Green, who write:
hrctransresignation.jpeg The letter’s signed “In Solidarity and Equality”. We’re not sure if they include Solmonese on that one…

Download the Rose and Green resignation here.