Hateful Trend Sweeping Nation's Capital?

HRC Intern Bashed In DC

An intern for the Human Rights Campaign found himself on the wrong side of anti-gay fists Saturday. The unnamed man had been leaving a DC bar when three men reportedly followed him, taunted him with homophobic epithets and hit him.

DC Mayor Adrian Fenty promised a full investigation and lamented the violent, hateful attack:

This has got to be a city where intolerance is not tolerated. You never want to think, especially in the nation’s capital, that somebody could be targeted for a crime based on their sexual preference, their race, their age, anything.

That’s why we’re going to take it extremely seriously, investigate it and prosecute it as soon as we can bring somebody into custody

DC’s seen a number of anti-gay attacks in recent weeks. On September 9th, another man reportedly faced anti-gay attackers. Of the startling trend, police Sgt. Brett Parsons said, “…It’s very disheartening that these types of crimes occur.” Parsons also said he’s not sure the crimes are connected.