Scottsdale Arizona Ground Zero For Integrated Activism

HRC Joins Sharpton’s Group In Fighting Discrimination

Has HRC learned its lesson? The gay group may not have supported trans folk during the ENDA debacle, but they’re now throwing their weight behind a trans-inclusive anti-discrimination law in Scottsdale. And they’re not alone:

The Human Rights Campaign and National Gay & Lesbian Task Force have joined local gay rights advocates, including Equality Arizona and the Arizona Transgender Alliance, in backing the measure. The state chapter of Sharpton’s National Action Network also is supporting the measure.

The ordinance would bar discrimination in employment, housing and other accommodations based on sexual orientation, gender identity as well as traditionally protected categories such as religion, gender, race and ethnicity.

Planned Parenthood and the ACLU are also joining the fight.

Gays, blacks, abortionists and free speech warriors joining forces? Social conservatives must be livid – and scared!

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  • Leland Frances

    The above is another crazy post from the psychopathic FAKE “Leland Frances” posing as moi.

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  • hisurfer

    So Leland, are you sure you’re not like that girl in Heroes who has a dark alter-ego that occasionally takes over to kick some ass?

    I had actually pulled a post asking, in all honesty, if you were alright & needed help. Glad I pulled it.

  • Leland Frances

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    Still disappointed they have no gay character [after the probably-gay friend of the cheerleader disappeared] but amused that the actor who played the second gay “Steven Carrington” from the old “Dynasty” series is playing the cheerleader’s father, and looking pretty good with his own shirt off. Eeek, my shallow, looksist side is showing.

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