HRC Learns Precious 7-Year-Old Boy Can Drum Up Emotional Donations

Remember Malcolm, the adorable seven-year-old boy whose parents gave him $140 to donate to charities of his choice, and he decided to split the cash between the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center and the Human Rights Campaign? Over 1,000 of you shared our post on your Facebook walls, so it certainly resonated. Earlier this month the Center shot out an e-blast alerting members to Malcolm’s story (including cute photo) and calling on its supporters to do as Malcolm did and throw some cash to a good cause. I can’t be sure, but I’d wager a guess the Center collected a decent amount of cash from the campaign. HRC, the other organization Malcolm donated to, appeared to sit on this opportunity, but we knew it was coming: Two days ago HRC chief Joe Solmonese signed his name to an email asking, “Will you match Malcolm’s commitment to equality by donating $70 as well?” For some reason, when the Center does it, it seems charming; when HRC does it, it seems exploitative. But maybe that’s just because HRC is exploitative.

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  • KalperniaRena

    Man, people at Queerty sure do like going after HRC. You may not have noticed, but they are actually on OUR side. All the animosity is just a little confusing to me. Anybody want to clue me in on what HRC did to earn ‘exploitative’ title?

  • Pitou

    Kalpernia, darling, it has nothing to do with actions by HRC and everything to do with INACTION by HRC. For years the gay community has poured millions into this scam of an organization, and yet HRC has little to actually credit themselves with besides throwing fabulous D.C.-elite parties. D.C.-elite parties havent gotten us ENDA, or DOMA repealed, or effin anything. DADT had nothing to do with HRC pressure, and they most certainly had zip to do with Hate Crimes Legislation.

    HRC is obsolete. They don’t do shit to push our causes. They don’t want equality… once we have equality, they wont be needed anymore, and that means no big plush salary for Joey S. and his cronies.

    Give your money to LGBT youth centers/homeless shelters, or an AIDS prevention program like GMHC or something to that effect, or donate towards initiatives for anti-bullying. Your money will go MUCH farther, and will be much more appreciated then as received by the folks at HRC. HRC hasn’t in the past, and will never ACTUALLY represent the Gay community. I’d far rather do something meaningful for the future of our Gay community by helping out the queer kids who have no one and nowhere else to turn to.

  • justiceontherocks

    @KalperniaRena: Here’s a clue. They’ve spent a lot of money and accomplished nothing except looking fabulous at cocktail parties. In plain English, they are a bunch of fucking prima donnas who don’t want to and don’t know how to do the dirty work a civil rights movement requires.

    They are not on “our” side. They are on their own side.

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