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HRC Lets Everyone Forget Michael Bloomberg Sued To Stop The Legalization of Gay Marriage

Oh this is just delicious. This two-sentence HRC-sponsored video from NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg, supporting the group’s recently launched Campaign for New York Marriage, should make you laugh. Not because it’s representative of HRC’s last-ditch effort to involve itself in New York’s marriage fight (the organization usually concerns itself only with federal issues), but because Bloomberg is the biggest joke on marriage equality. He supports candidates who actively endorse marriage discrimination. And then there’s his own storied history with New York’s marriage fight, initially refusing to come out in full support, then doing so privately, then backtracking, then announcing — just before he was set to speak at a HRC dinner gala — he would appeal a judge’s ruling declaring marriage legal because “our corporation counsel believes that the judge’s ruling was incorrect, that the current state constitution does not permit same-sex marriages. [So] we will go and appeal, and we will ask the court to expedite the appeal directly to the highest court so that people will have a right once and for all to know where they stand.”

Contrast that statement with the one Bloomberg makes in the above video: “Government shouldn’t tell you who to love. Or who to marry.”

It’s about as laughable as seeing one of these videos starring Richard Socarides, the DADT and DOMA defender who happens to be Bloomberg’s biggest gay advocate, and who hopes to one day land a job in the Bloomberg White House.

If Bloomberg really wanted to get New York on board with marriage equality, he’d use some of his massive influence (and coffers) to unseat the lawmakers prohibiting it.

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