HRC Lists Top 12 “Equality Moments” From The Democratic National Convention

The Democratic National Convention was historic, record-breaking and precedent-setting when it came to LGBT inclusiveness. (Seriously, you could have made a drinking game out of every mention of gay rights and marriage equality and been totally blotto by Wednesday night.)

To render the good feelings in posterity before this election gets really ugly, the Human Rights Campaign put together this video featuring the DNC’s top 12 moments for equality. What was yours?

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  • jeff4justice

    Gay Inc mega groups and the LGBT blogs that kiss their asses brainwash LGBTs to throw other groups under the bus for their gain.

    Not 1 major LGBT blog nor LGBT group aside from MEUSA have given coverage to the true progressives such as the Green Party or Justice Party or socialist parties.

    If Wal-Mart ever becomes LGBT friendly you can bet HRC will be there to kiss their was while they still fuck over the poor people.

    Clearly my pitiful LGBT brothers and sisters who don’t give a fuck about Obama’s drone attack victims, drug war victims, whistleblower victims, and all the poor people getting fucked over by the 2party system charade. They don’t care about Monsanto and Goldman Sachs ruin the human food supply and the economy.

    But in your defense ya’ll probably don’t know better becuase Gay Inc. does not address these issues in their self interests while their leaders make nice 6-figure salaries and the LGBT blogs that kiss their ass to be part of the in-crowd so they can get their press passes and got to the trendy events.

    How LGBTs groups ignore the oppression of others is like how Al Shaprton raises hell about Travyn Martin but ignores how Obama murdered Colorado teen Abdulrahman al-Awlaki.

    What Obama Has Wrought

  • Cam

    Let me guess….one of the Log Cabiners will come in here ranting about the fact that Trees have leaves, or cake shouldn’t have icing, or that the Democrats are responsible for Diet Coke having an after taste.

    Basically ANYTHING to change the subject from the fact that the republicans are opposed to gay rights and the Democrats have repealed DADT and have a pro gay marriage plank in their platform.

  • Michael Bedwell

    “Obama murdered Colorado teen Abdulrahman al-Awlaki”????? Gee, and I thought Bill and Hill were the last people in the White House murdering Americans for fun and profit. Maybe THAT’s why Obama put her in his cabinet—she’s actually First Hit Woman!

    For those interested in returning to Earth, the problem with this praise of the convention is that it paves over the fact that NONE of the actually gay or lesbian speakers were scheduled at a point in the day or evening when the average American
    would have seen them as the networks hadn’t clocked it yet. And “lgbT” inclusiveness? Yes, there were transgender delegates and convention workers, but were there ANY
    transgender speakers? Did anyone other than gay CA State Assembly Speaker John Perez actually SAY the word “transgender” rather than “LGBT”? Yes, YES, it WAS an historic
    convention for gays anyway, and having that many straights who actually GOT on TV [other than the predictable comments by the President] give shouts to marriage equality and gays in the military was HUGE progress. But it wasn’t the all rainbow all the time pride parade HRC and others would have us believe. Now, let’s get back to reelecting the President, then focus on finishing the job of full equality for LGBs AND Ts in his second term!
    outs to
    marriage equality

  • jeff4justice

    @Michael Bedwell: Aw the liberal media side of the 2party system charade and LGBT media did not tell you about Abdulrahman al-Awlaki so it must not be true huh even though you can do a simple Google search and see numerous news stories about this.

    You are not more important than the 2party system’s victims of war, poverty & erosion of civil liberties.

  • Michael Bedwell


    Google is a search engine not a lie detector.

  • jeff4justice

    @Michael Bedwell: And willful denial, Stockholm syndrome, and normalcy bias shield you from accepting that Obama has killed people (including a teen from Colorado no matter how much you want to deny it). Problem is I do not think ObamaRomenyWellpoint care covers that problem.

    Even Al Gore’s Current TV show Young Turks covered the killing of the Colorado teen:
    The Young Turks – What If Trayvon Had Died In A Drone Strike?

  • Cam

    @jeff4justice: said…”
    @Michael Bedwell: And willful denial, Stockholm syndrome, and normalcy bias shield you from accepting that Obama has killed people (including a teen from Colorado no matter how much you want to deny it). Problem is I do not think ObamaRomenyWellpoint care covers that problem.”

    Yes, but what I see is you coming onto a gay blog and continually trying to derail the discussion onto anything that isn’t gay. It seems like you are attempting to distract from that discussion which is helpful to the GOP.

    Just curious, if you think the GOP is better for us, then please point out how, if not, then perhaps you could explain why you continaully use any chance you get to attack the Dems who are the only party with a chance at power that are open to our civil rights.

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