HRC On The Defensive Over Neal Non-Endorsement

We love a good homo-politic cat fight, don’t you?

Former Reprise Records president and activist Howie Klein appeared on Michelangelo Signorile’s radio show yesterday to rail against Human Rights Campaign for not endorsing North Carolina Senatorial hopeful Jim Neal, who happens to be gay. HRC claims they couldn’t make up their mind between Neal and his party rival, Kay Hagan, a veteran Senator.

So, rather than making an endorsement, they’re going to let North Carolinian voters decide. And Klein’s not having it.

Klein yesterday wrote a scathing op-ed blasting HRC’s DC-assimilation:

HRC is one of those Inside the Beltway organizations that has long ago lost sight of its original mandate. Instead of fighting for gay equality, they fight to win DC status games and to enhance the future career prospects of the staff. When it comes to electoral politics, you can almost always expect the worst from HRC.

As a follow-up, Klein spoke to Signorile to take some aural shots at the massive non-profit.

Well, Signorile informs us that HRC had their ear to the ground and are now sending VP of Policy David Smith to Signorile’s show to defend the group’s inaction. Tune into OutQ at 4:30 eastern and enjoy the back-handed-and-forth!