Surprise, Surprise

HRC Poll Validates HRC’s Position

What?! A new HRC-endorsed poll shows that 70% of LGBT would rather secure their gay rights than stand in solidarity with trans folk. Either we’re entirely out of step with the rest of you lot or the 500 people HRC tallied came from their database. Via The Advocate:

The poll specifically asked: “This proposal would make it illegal to fire gay, lesbian, and bisexual workers because of their sexual orientation. This proposal does not include people who are transgender. Would you favor or oppose this proposal moving forward?” Seventy percent favored moving forward with the legislation.

The poll also asked people if they agreed that “national gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender organizations should oppose this proposal because it excludes transgender people.” Only about 20% of the people agreed with that statement.

How convenient.

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force honcho Matt Foreman waved away the poll, saying that legislation should focus on rights, not “popular opinion”:

Fundamentally, rights are not about popular opinion, and that’s why we so vehemently reject voting on the right to marry. We shouldn’t just hold up our finger and test popular opinion at any one moment and say that’s the way we are going to go when we’re talking about fundamental human rights.

Too bad the majority of Human Rights Campaign’s 500 people – a minuscule part of the American population – don’t seem to understand “human rights”.