Michael Petrelis

HRC ‘Raised a Minimum of $250 Million’ For ‘A Memo Signed Yesterday,’ ‘A Photo-Op’ & ‘A Nice Building in Washington’

SOUNDBITES — “Over the course of 29-years, I estimate, the Human Rights Campaign, and all its affiliates and permutations, has raised a minimum of $250,000,000. A cool quarter of a billion dollars. That’s a lot of money to raise and spend over almost three decades. Back in March, the Blade reported that HRC’s current budget is $41 million, and the group’s annual revenue has hovered in that neighborhood for 3-4 years, so I believe a $250M budget over more than a quarter-century is within reasonable fiscal expectations. And what federal successes do LGBT Americans have to show for all that dough? A memo signed yesterday by President Obama. Great photo-op for Spineless Solmonese. Oh, and all that HRC money has gifted us a nice building in Washington, and a great fundraising rubber chicken dinner circuit and bric-a-brac merchandising operation that primarily benefits the Democratic Party.” —Gay and AIDS activist Michael Petrelis [Petrelis Files]