"Continue" Pushing For Fully Inclusive ENDA

HRC Rallying 10,000 Troops

Human Rights Campaign recently launched the “10 in 10” campaign. The non-profit’s asking activists to have ten friends contact their Congressional officials and ask for a fully inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act. They hope to rally at least 10,000 people in ten days.

Conveniently forgetting his organization’s momentary spinelessness, the reformed Joe Solmonese says,

HRC continues to be committed to fighting for a fully inclusive ENDA bill that protects our entire community. We will work around the clock to speak to Members of Congress and advocate for a piece of legislation that includes all GLBT workers. We need everyone to be part of these efforts by pledging to contact 10 people today and make sure that Congress hears an inclusive voice from supporters of equality.”

Solmonese better be careful he doesn’t piss off Barney Frank, who’s one press release away from shedding his skin and going serpent on us.