Said Statement Lackluster, At Best...

HRC Releases ENDA Statement

After leaving us hanging all day, Human Rights Campaign finally released a statement on the ENDA/GENDA devolution.

During this entire campaign to win an inclusive ENDA, we have been guided by the principle of trying to achieve the end result the fastest way possible. Without question, that result has been–and continues to be–an inclusive ENDA that covers the entire GLBT community. We will continue to use that as our benchmark as we move forward in this process.

Unfortunately, we now know what we’re facing. The decision has been made, according to statements from Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Congressman Frank issued this afternoon–the House will consider a version of ENDA that does not include gender identity.

This is not what any of us wanted, and certainly not what we’ve been fighting for. But, it has been made clear that the House leadership and bill sponsors are moving forward with a non-inclusive ENDA even without the full support of our community.* They view this as the best opportunity they will have this year to help the largest number of people–and have stated that they do not intend to miss this opportunity.

HRC has been fighting for an inclusive bill since 2004. They’ve been fighting for a gay bill since 1994. Too bad the House decided to go it alone…

*Way to pin it on the politicos, punks.