HRC Staffer Responds To Trans “Conspiracy Theories”

With regard to this morning’s post about HRC calling the cops on trans protesters, an HRC staffer sent us this note:

Houston is not a unique situation. In fact, the same protests have happened in NY, DC and Philly. And at all three, the police were present to keep the order – and did not shut any protest down. So, why is Houston all of a sudden a hot bed of conspiracy theory about HRC calling in the swat teams?

The fact is that the standard procedure is when we are notified of a protest, then it is our obligation to notify the hotel/venue. The hotel/venue then takes the necessary precautions to make sure their guests are safe and that any protests happening outside of their property is also done so in a safe manner. One of those precautionary steps that the hotel/venue takes is to notify the local police department. This was done in DC, NYC, and Philadelphia previously without any problems, complaints, or conspiracy theories.

So, with all that being said we are looking forward to a great Houston dinner which will be attended by the Mayor of Houston. And was the case at previous dinners, those who want to wear their stickers and stand in protest will be more than welcome to do so.

And there you have it…

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  • Leland Frances

    I commend Queerty for publishing this when one knows you disagree with their position on ENDA strategy.

    One isn’t surprised to find the truth far different than that apparently purposely misrepresented by one of Bilerico’s most advanced cases of Mad Tranny Disease. There are some great contributors there but they are vastly outnumbered [out-screamed] by the Tranninazis.

    Contrary to the propaganda and cooked numbers of ENDA INSANE, there are many of us who both hate HRC generally for what it’s become AND are repulsed by the histrionic hissy fits of the lunatic fringe like the scribbler of the sourced article in the original thread.

    If the latter and her fellow Tranny thugs had their way, Pennsylvania Avenue, Castro Street, and Greenwich Village would be lined with crosses bearing those who have been crucified upside down for having dared disagree with their political suicide position. Barney Frank’s would also, no doubt, be set on fire.

  • jeri hughes

    leland, your repeated use of offensive terms exposes you for the bigot that you are. why don’t you write your dribble on labarbera’s site where you will be in the company of your own?

    it is not theory that HRC actively opposed transgender inclusion from ENDA. it is not theory that HRC lied about that strategy. it is not theory that HRC actively pursued transgender dollars and support on the premise that they would only support transgender inclusive legislation. HRC duplicity indicates a transphobic mentality dominant within that organization and their fundraising has been deeply and rightfully affected. these are facts, not theory.

    the majority of the LGBT community seeks equality and justice for all, not just a select few. we share a passion. your description of that passion as “hissy fits” speaks volumes. get over it.

  • lyssa

    A gay rights movement that was started by trans women fighting for their lives against the police alongside gays on the downlow in a New York bar has finally sunk to calling the police on transpoeple.

    The irony is delicious. The LGB are finally being shown for what they are.

    Thank you, Queerty, for not buying the Kool Aid of gay superiority over trans people.

  • Polar

    HRC needs to learn that the trans community cannot and will not judge them by their words, because, let us all recall, Joe Solmonese has not a whit of shame about telling baldfaced lies in front of 1000 transpeople in a ballroom in Atlanta. Like Solmonese’ words in Atlanta, the T community doesn’t believe this anonymous staffer – they work for HRC, it’s all we need to know.

    Calling the police BEFORE a demonstration IS intimidation and a not-well-veiled threat – and HRC knows that T people cannot chance an encounter with the Harris county lockup. Jails don’t deal with transpeople well, anywhere.

    This demonstration is about to begin. Others will follow it. HRC cannot stop them. If they want to know why they’re facing the emmity in the morning, they need to ask the person they’re facing in the mirror when they shave or put on makeup in the morning, why an entire community cannot believe a word they say.

  • Leland Frances

    “A gay rights movement that was started by trans women fighting for their lives against the police alongside gays on the downlow in a New York bar”?????

    What the fuck? Another perfect example of the derangement among so many who claim to speak for all transgender people. Every week they rewrite the facts of Stonewall another way; getting farther and farther away from the truth. Soon their version will have no gays there at all.

    Even if that WERE true, it would STILL be retarded to push a version of ENDA that wouldn’t pass.

  • Polar

    Leland, do you think the T community will EVER believe anything HRC/Frank ever say again about “coming back for it”? No. HRC’s blown it permanently with our community. The fact remains that Solmonese is a serial liar, and that what was done by HRC in Houston last night was pure and simple intimidation and censorship.

    I am not convinced that 2015 wouldn’t have passed, if pushed the way 3685 was, and many other Hill observers, as well as 2 Congressmen I know, believe that as well. Had HRC said “this is how it will be” and held their ratings over congressional heads, 2015 would have passed by the same margin. Nobody has yet named the Congressmen who would not have voted the same way with gender included. As a community, we also believe Frank to be a liar.

    This war is just starting.

  • Kat

    “it would STILL be retarded to push a version of ENDA that wouldn’t pass.”

    You mean like ANY version NOW? The only definition of ‘pass’ that counts is ‘passed AND signed by the chief executive.’

    If you think ANY version has a chance of ‘passing’ under that reality-based definition, then someone is indeed deranged.

    And that someone isn’t trans.

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