HRC Takes Credit For Clint McCance Resigning

In an email blast just sent out, the Human Rights Campaign takes credit for the resignation of Arkansas school board member Clint McCance. In its “BREAKING” message (Mr. McCance announced yesterday he would resign), HRC says McCance — who posted to Facebook gays should commit suicide — “resigns after our campaign.” Technically true: Chronologically, McCance did resign after HRC started making a fuss. But let’s not pretend the gay blogs and media outlets like CNN/Anderson Cooper didn’t play a major role. (Naturally, HRC’s email also has a prompt for you to donate. To pay for its full-page newspaper ads?) The difference between HRC and GLAAD? While HRC says it “launched a huge rapid-response campaign” to oust McCance, GLAAD says “YOU DID IT!” As in, its supporters. But I forgot that with HRC, everything is about them.

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  • Scott

    I’m so sick of the HRC thinking they’re actually in charge of anything other than elaborate parties to make more money for themselves.

    This organization is useless, hapless and worthless. I stopped sending them money 2 years ago.

  • Kevin_BGFH

    I’ve been following the story fairly closely, but I didn’t see anything from the HRC. If anyone deserves credit, it’s Anderson Cooper.

  • Joseph L

    I’m normally annoyed by Queerty’s bitchy posts, but in this one, they are spot on. There are so many groups to give to, why would you want to donate to such an arrogant, Uncle Tom organization?

  • Cam

    Um, his words were all over Facebook, he was getting e-mails and calls, and so he called Anderson Cooper. Cooper then got him to resign on air.

    HRC was going to run ads, but since this just happened a few days ago did their ads even have time to come out?!

  • Brandon H

    Oh fuck you HRC! Really, Fuck you.

  • Jeffree

    Whaaaat did HRC *actually* do? It must have been so behind the scenes that nobody “seen” it happening. When did they do it?

    It was the gay blogosphere who jumped on the story when it broke when the screenprints sent to the Advocate by a former Midland High student. The facebook page criticizing McCance went viral almost immediately, drawing thousands of outrage people calling for McChance to get removed from the school board.

    I followed the news pretty closely from the 26th and onward and don’t believe that HRC got involved in any noticeable way until after the blogosphere and then major media was following the story. Correct me if I missed something…

    Credit should also be given to reporter/blogger Max Brantley at the Arkansas Times whose informative newsblog drew comments from all over Arkansas and the US, including local residents. He actually spoke to McChance and had insight into local politics.

    HRC didn’t organize the protests held in front of the school, BTW; that was done by an AR-based group.

    Taking credit for the win is a lame move for HRC but not an unexpected one!

  • Gregger

    I cannot stand HRC. In NYC they have people on the sidewalks begging for money and telling people that HRC was behind the DADT and Prop 8 lawsuits. That DO NOTHING group has the balls to lay claim for way too many things they were not party to.

    I despise Joe Solmonese and his ilk.

  • Annie

    HRC can fuck off. The credit totally goes to Anderson Cooper.

  • the crustybastard

    HRC may as well take credit for the sun rising tomorrow.

    Probably will.

  • T

    I’m so tired of I did this or we accomplished this by groups. It takes a whole community and individuals to make changes. Get off your high horse and be humble. Try something along the lines of “Our campaign helped foster…” or “Our community’s efforts accomplished…”

    It’s about WE!

  • Harold Hughes

    How about the 35 of us from CAR and other organizations in Arkansas who drove up there and stood in silent vigil holding signs with the names of bullying suicides in the cold wind on that mountain, enduring the taunts and obscene gestures from the local counter-protest of 6 or so townspeople with their Bibles and Christian flags? Surely we had a little more to do with this than HRC coming in after the fact and purchasing 2 local ads. Folks, that was there environment. And they gave CAR and Northwest Center for Equality, the people who organized the campaign second billing in the ads.

  • jeff

    I like GLAAD’s perspective. We all did it.

  • Jack E. Jett

    HRC can only take credit for the heavy promotion of Gyneth Paltrow lilac scented pussy.

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