HRC Takes Credit For Clint McCance Resigning

In an email blast just sent out, the Human Rights Campaign takes credit for the resignation of Arkansas school board member Clint McCance. In its “BREAKING” message (Mr. McCance announced yesterday he would resign), HRC says McCance — who posted to Facebook gays should commit suicide — “resigns after our campaign.” Technically true: Chronologically, McCance did resign after HRC started making a fuss. But let’s not pretend the gay blogs and media outlets like CNN/Anderson Cooper didn’t play a major role. (Naturally, HRC’s email also has a prompt for you to donate. To pay for its full-page newspaper ads?) The difference between HRC and GLAAD? While HRC says it “launched a huge rapid-response campaign” to oust McCance, GLAAD says “YOU DID IT!” As in, its supporters. But I forgot that with HRC, everything is about them.