HRC’s Buyer’s Guide Recommends You Shop at the Companies Who Fund HRC

Just in time for Christmas, the Human Rights Campaign is out with the 2010 Buyer’s Guide. You know, the little pamphlet (PDF?) that lets you choose queer-friendly companies to spend your cash with, while avoiding others that, based on HRC’s criteria, are profiting on inequality. Not that much has changed from last year … but let’s take a look at the usual suspects.

When increasing your carbon footpring, BP and Chevron are better options than ExxonMobil or Hess. Looking to score Bennett Madison’s maybe-homophobic teen book? Go with Barnes & Noble or Borders, but not Wal-Mart. And while new diamond engagement rings from Tiffany & Co. might be tempting, you’ll have to stick with TJ Maxx’s jewelry counter if you want to rack up gay points.

And not that we’re accusing HRC of any bias, but these reports are always worth noting for who’s behind them. While HRC independently verifies the criteria of its reports, it proudly lists as sponsors on the Buyer’s Guide’s back page companies like Bank of America, Chevron, Nike, Toyota’s Lexus, and Citigroup — which all scored 100 percent on HRC’s charts. To be fair, the guide highlights each of these underwriting sponsors throughout the Buyer’s Guide. Which might be an effort at discretion, or a way to show competitors how they, too, can receive bold treatment from HRC.

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