When Will Non-Profit Fall?

HRC’s Polls Raise More Questions, Reveals Hubris

Human Rights Campaign has once again been forced to defend their dodgy ENDA poll.

The non-profit released a poll last month that claimed 68% of queers supported a non-trans inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act. Those numbers conveniently came out as outraged activists called on HRC to explain its flip-flop on the issue.

In an effort to the find the truth, The Washington Blade asked some polling experts what they think about HRC’s dubious revelations. Said experts weren’t buying it, to say the least…

Joshua Lynsen reports:

John Stahura, who specializes in survey research and directs the Purdue University Social Research Institute, said the survey’s methodology is problematic.

“They’re playing games,” he said after reviewing survey excerpts at the Blade’s request. “It doesn’t make sense.”

Conducted for HRC by Knowledge Networks, the survey shows most respondents believe national gay groups should support ENDA despite its lack of protections for transgender workers “because it helps gay, lesbian and bisexual workers and is a step toward transgender employment rights.”

According to survey excerpts, about 68 percent of respondents chose that scripted statement among three offered lines to best represent their “point of view.”

Another 16 percent of respondents indicated national gay groups should oppose ENDA “because it excludes transgender people,” and 13 percent wanted groups to take a neutral stance “because while it helps gay, lesbian and bisexual workers, it also excludes transgender people.”

About 3 percent of respondents refused to answer the question. The survey offered no margin of error.

Stahura said he “never would” structure a survey to include such explanatory clauses “because what you’re asking people to evaluate is the because.”

HRC’s Brad Luna insists they included the conditionals so that respondents could understand the “complicated proposals”. Leave it to Washington insiders to complicate democracy.

HRC’s self-serving numbers are especially queer when compared to Hunter College’s Hillary Clinton poll. In that survey, which was also conducted by Knowledge Networks and backed by HRC, 60% of gays said it’s wrong to ditch trannies for political expediency:

When asked about the proposed federal law making it illegal to discriminate against lesbians, gays, and bisexuals in employment, LGBs (by a margin of 60 to 37 percent) said that those seeking to pass the law were wrong to remove protections for transgendered people in order to get the votes necessary for passage in Congress.”

HRC tells the Washington Blade they stand by Knowledge Networks’ scrutiny and tactics. While the polling company may be reputable and respectable, it seems to us they’ve been helping HRC do their dirty work. How else can one explain such a seismic shift in queer public opinion?

Human Rights Campaign yet again proves itself to be duplicitous, self-serving and, most importantly, cocky. The group’s self-assurance has eroded its dignity. Hopefully it can regain some or else they’re public opinion’s going to hit rock bottom. And, even worse, they’ll lose their last shreds of relevancy.